VTOL & Fixed wing Drone

​What does it mean when we say VTOL?

A vertical take-off and landing aircraft, known as a VTOL drone, combines the advantages of a multirotor and a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. VTOL is the new super-hot technology in the drone industry. The UAV can take-off and land like a multirotor, so there is no need for a runway and you may use an area as small as 2×2 meters (of course it must be wide enough to accommodate the full size of the flying drone). Multirotor drones which cannot reach high speeds and have a lower range, but it’s not a problem with a VTOL. A VTOL drone can transition into fixed-wing mode after take-off.

Exploring MotioNew’s VTOL Drone Range

MotioNew provides different models of VTOL drones that are suitable for different needs. VTOL drones have the same functionality as fixed wing drones, with the added functionality of vertical motors (quad in plane frames) or using the main forward thruster (tail sitter frames) to allow to take off and land in tight areas and conditions. After taking off in vertical mode, the drone transitions into plane mode and turns off the vertical motors. Flying in the plane mode reduces the energy consumption and increases the cruise speed.

Thus, the UAV is capable of covering a wider area with increased flight time. This is necessary for long missions like photography or agricultural drones where the drone needs to cover a wide area.

If the VTOL drone does not have a long flight time, it has to land and take off multiple times to switch the batteries for the next round of the flight, which increases the total mission time a lot. 

Efficient Design for Extended Flight

All our VTOL drone and fixed wing drone models have an aerodynamic design, ensuring minimum amount of drag and air resistance during the flight. MotioNew offers Long range VTOL drones that are capable of flying more than 10 hours, with various wing spans.

The wing span of our VTOL drones ranges from less than 2m to more than 8m. Different color wing lights which are installed on the tip of the left and right VTOL drone wings allow the pilot to fly even during the night as they can identify the UAV in the dark and even distinguish the left and right wing. 

Compact Transport and Quick Assembly

When the VTOL drone gets larger, transportation becomes an issue. Fortunately, many of the VTOL drone models provided by MotioNew have a detachable body design.

Vertical motors, wings, and parts of the tail can be detached to easily fit inside a small carrying case. All the joints are designed based on quick attach and detach mechanisms, to experience a quick assembly and disassembly of less than 5 minutes. 

Diverse Materials and Payload Capacities

Built from different materials including fiber carbon, EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, and engineering plastics, each one of the VTOL drones and fixed wing drones has a different frame weight. Lightweight materials like EPO lead to lightweight VTOL drones with as light as 1kg frame weight, to more resilient frames built with carbon fiber and glass fiber which may weigh more than 100kg.

It is necessary to mention that this is the frame weight of the VTOL drone and adding other components like the autopilot, the propulsion system, and the batteries adds to the weight of the drone. 

Hybrid and Electric VTOL Options

Many small VTOL drones have a maximum payload weight of less than 1kg, which is sufficient for carrying a small gimbal camera. However, if the application requires carrying a heavier payload like a more sophisticated gimbal camera with multiple sensors, it is necessary to use a heavy lift VTOL drone that has the capability. In many of the VTOL drone models that MotioNew offers, there is a special compartment designed for the detachable payload.

This makes the replacement of the payload between consecutive missions pretty much fast, and with an embedded electrical connector inside the payload bin, the payload can be changed without even powering off the UAV. The payload bin is positioned below the frame body and has either a quick lock or a sliding mechanism.

MotioNew VTOL drones have the capability to carry more than 10kg of payload, with some specific long range heavy lift VTOL drones that are able to carry up to 100kg weight and fly more than 6 hours while carrying 60kg of payload.

Meanwhile, adding more payload to the drone leads to a reduction in flight time. More energy is used when the payload of the VTOL drones is increased, and the battery drains more quickly. So it is the pilot’s job to make sure that the VTOL drone has enough energy to safely return to its home point. 

MotioNew provides both Hybrid and Electric VTOL fixed wing UAV. Electrical VTOL drones are not capable of providing good flight time while carrying a heavy payload. Thus, by using a Hybrid VTOL drone, the problem can be solved. MotioNew VTOL drones use electrical power for the vertical motors, and fuel engine for the cruise motor. Using a fuel engine, the long range VTOL drone has a higher endurance and higher cruise speed and is able to cover a wider distance.

Small VTOL drones usually have a lower cruise speed of as low as 17m/s, while the cruise speed of the bigger VTOL drone models can reach up to 50m/s.

VTOL Drone Price: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Budget

MotioNew provides VTOL drones and fixed wing drones in a wide price range to suit the needs of different applications and missions. We have VTOL drones with prices as low as 2000$, as well as models with prices higher than 100,000$.