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MFE Fighter Hand Throw Overview

The MFE Fighter Hand Throw version is a revolutionary fixed-wing flying platform designed for exceptional load capacity, extended flight duration, and ease of operation. Crafted from a blend of premium materials like EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, and engineering plastics, this platform guarantees reliability and top-notch performance across a multitude of missions.

MFE Fighter 2430mm

With a wingspan of 2430mm, the Fighter Hand Throw version boasts a fuselage standing 180mm tall and measuring 1450mm in length, ensuring ample space for seamless flight operations within its 72.5dm2 wing area. Tool-less disassembly and assembly offer swift setup and breakdown, while the spacious 280x160x110mm load compartment effortlessly accommodates payloads. Transporting this equipment is a breeze with its compact 1.25×0.34×0.49m dimensions.

various mission configurations

Capable of carrying a maximum takeoff weight of 11.5kg and a payload of up to 1.5kg, this platform offers versatility for various mission configurations. Operating through hand-throw parachute landing or slide landing methods, it simplifies deployment across diverse environments. Achieving a practical lift height of 4000m and boasting Class 5 wind resistance, this platform delivers stability in challenging conditions.

extensive operational reach

With a recommended flight speed ranging from 17 to 20m/s and a stall speed of 10m/s (tested at an altitude of 500m, 10.5kg takeoff weight), the Fighter Hand Throw version ensures exceptional performance. It covers an impressive 250km range (tested with Li-Po 6S 44000mah and a 0.6kg load), offering extensive operational reach.

In varied fields such as topographic mapping, land surveying, engineering surveying, digital city development, landscape planning, precision agriculture, environmental protection monitoring, and ecological surveillance, the Fighter Hand-Throw version excels with stable performance and remarkable range. establishing itself as a versatile fixed-wing drone solution.

Elevate your missions with the Fighter Hand Throw version, a durable, high-capacity, and long-range flying platform designed to exceed expectations across diverse applications.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 150 cm


Basic parameters  Material: EPO, EVA, carbon fiber, engineering plastics, etc.
 Wingspan: 2430mm
 Fuselage height: 180mm
 Fuselage length: 1450mm
 Wing area: 72.5dm2
 Disassembly method: tool-less disassembly and assembly
 Load compartment size: 280x160x110mm
 Transport box size: 1.25mx0.34mx0.49m
Payload Max. takeoff weight: 11.5kg
Max. payload: 1.5kg
Flight Take-off and landing method: hand-throw parachute landing/slide landing
Practical lift height: 4000m
Wind resistance: Class 5
Recommended flight speed: 17~20m/s
Stall speed: 10m/s (test conditions: Altitude 500m, 10.5kg takeoff weight)
Maximum range: 250km (test conditions: Li-Po 6S 44000mah, 0.6kg load)


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Product contents

Fighter Hand launch configuration list
Name Specification KIT PNP STD PRO
Flying platform Fighter left wing 1 1 1 1
Fighter right wing 1 1 1 1
Fighter fuselage 1 1 1 1
Fighter fuselage parts 1 1 1 1
Fighter vertical tail 1 1 1 1
Fighter flat tail 1 1 1 1
Fighter parts kit 1 1 1 1
Fighter foam packing case 1 1 1 1
Power system Sunysky motor 3520 kv500 2 2 2
APC1510 propellers 2 2 2
ESC 6S 100A 2 2 2
Servo S3054 5 5 5
Servo S08MD 1 1 1
3S-14S UBEC 6V10A 1 1 1
Autopilot systems PixPilot C3 Flight Control Module 1
PixPilotV6 Flight Control Module 1
PMU Module 1 1
POS1 GPS Module 1 1
I2C Airspeed sensor 1 1
Digital transmission system T900 ProAircraft Telemetry 1 1
T900 Pro Ground Telemetry 2 2
Glue Stick Antenna 1 1
Signal extention cable 1 1
TYPE-C data cable 1 1
WIFI Module 1 1


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