Returning Goods

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If there is any problem with your package, please contact us first before considering return of the goods. Maybe we can solve the problem together. This way, everybody will be happier. In order to return a product, please first contact us with one of the methods on our contact us page. Show us the problem using a video or photo.

After receiving your order, you have 7 days in order to check the conditions of the items and contact us and inform us of any problem in the functionality of the items or damaged goods.

After confirmation with our staff, you can ship the product to the provided address by our staff. After the product is received by us, we will do either a refund, exchange, or repair.

Returning products is the complete responsibility of the customer. It is better to use a service with a tracking number for safety. The no tracking number services have a high possibility of being lost somewhere, which we will not be responsible and you will take the risk. Returned goods are charged to your account as store credits.

Please also include a note about your personal info and the problems, and inform us the tracking number after shipping:

1. Your order number with (very important)
2. Your Detailed shipping address
3. Why do you have to return it?
4. What do you need us to do?
5. Which part is broken?
6. Any problem you can find so far with the returned item