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You will find a wide variety of modules, electronic and mechanical parts that are tailored to your needs in Motionew store.


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Have you come up with a great idea, but do not know how to begin? Our team is ready to assist you from the very beginning. Together, we will develop it.


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Motionew is an online shop, service provider, and engineering consultant

MotioNew is both a shop and a service provider in many fields, especially related to engineering. You can find many cool modules and parts in our shop, which can be helpful to design and engineering. Our services range from logistics, inventory management, shopping, and many other services that you are unable to do without a physical presence.

More to that, our group of expert engineers are easily in touch to help you design, manufacture, and test your ideas and projects. We have experts in different engineering fields including but not limited to Mechanics, Mechatronics, Electronics, and Software engineering. Each one of our engineers has been a part of many successful projects, and knows what you should do, or better than that, what you should avoid to succeed.