Curiosity, Passion, and Envision

Building new things inspires us to see our surrounding differently and try to make it better. And nothing can stop us!

More than 10 years of experience led to the founding of MotioNew in 2019.

In MotioNew, we are a group of young and eager engineers that are always looking to build new things. But before being engineers, we are seekers. Seeking new challenges to solve. 

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Our Motto!

Let’s Build together.

We can help to ignite your first Motion

We can help you choose the right hardware and software, and better than that, we can help you find them.

Plan Big, Execute  Small

Sky is the limit, but you can’t achieve your goals in one night.

Our team of engineers can help you in taking those small steps.

Our experience in designing integrated systems can give you a vision of your path toward success.

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What are you waiting for?

Let’s Takeoff!

MotioNew is your place to find innovation, latest technology, and cool ideas. You can ignite your Newest Motions starting from here.

You can consult us for your next Motion in design and engineering of your next project. Whether it is a professional job or a DIY, we are here to support you.

 In all situations, in all stages of your project, starting from helping you to design your system, extending to buying the parts, packing them, and than shipping them to you, and beyond that to after sale services, we are here to support you.

Poetry in Motion!

Interested to Know More?