VTOL Drone Adler M32

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VTOL drone Adler M32, Long Endurance, Heavy Payload Fixed-Wing 

VTOL Drone Adler M32 Fixed-Wing VTOL is a battery-powered vertical take-off and landing Drone (VTOL Drone) fixed-wing UAV, offering 3.8hours endurance time with a 1.2kg payload that is catered to the needs of a wide range of aerial surveying applications and can be used as a cargo drone, mapping drone, and surveying drone in applications like terrain mapping, lightweight material transport, ground reconnaissance, and border patrol. Adler M32 Fixed-Wing VTOL V-tail design allows for incredible aerial maneuvers. It adopts a composite aerodynamic layout of quadrotors and fixed-wings and combines the advantages of VTOL of the quadrotors and the long range of fixed0wing drones.

This flexible and lightweight aircraft features a 24Kg maximum take-off weight and a 5Kg maximum load. The efficiency of the power system can be optimized to meet the characteristics of various surveying and mapping scenarios. Equipped with a modular design and a 3.2m wing span, the UAV can be quickly deployed in less than 90 seconds. A detachable load compartment design allows matching the center-of-mass of the cargo with that of the plane, realizing fast switching and enabling mission-matched loads.

Low-acoustic noise performance is guaranteed due to the electric power and less maintenance and life-cycle cost. The motor-tilt design improves flight stability. Adler M32 can resist and fly in windy conditions without any difficulty with a wind resistance level of up to 12m/s.

Adler M32 can reach a maximum speed of 26m/s, and fly up to 4500 meters height. Achieving 0.1m positioning accuracy is possible with the help of dual GPS and RTK systems.

Build from pure carbon fiber, the Adler M32 fuselage is lightweight and flexible. It has a detachable payload compartment design, for easier replacement of different types of payloads. All parts of the system including wings, tail, and arms are designed based on a quick assemble and disassemble structure.

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 250 × 60 × 60 cm

Pixhawk Cube Orange RTF, X7+ pro RTF


Model Name Adler M32
Maximum Take-off Weight 24kg
Max. payload weight 5kg
Suggested Load 1.2kg
Max. Cruise Speed 26m/s
Wingspan 3200mm
Length 1260mm
Belly to Ground 190mm
Battery Cabin 300*200*140mm
Material Carbon fiber + glass fiber + Kevlar + PVC
Airframe Weight 6.45kg
Flight Time 228min with 1.2kg payload
Stall Speed 17m/s
Max Flight Altitude 4500m
Max Wind Resistance 12m/s
Battery (Recommended) 4 * 6S 30000mAH HED Li-ion
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃
IP Grade IP45
Packing Chargeable Size 1800*680*500mm(Contains the wheel)
Package weight 45kg



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Product contents

Product Bundles:

1x M32 VTOL

1x Tail Motor + ESC + Propeller

5x Servo

4x Motor + ESC  for VTOL Mode

2x (pairs) Propellers for VTOL Mode


1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set (or CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller)

2x C-RTK 9Ps High Precision Positioning Module Sky End

1x CUAV P9 Radio

1x Radio Controller

1x Carrying Case

1x Assembling, tuning, and Flying Test Service


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