Long range FLY VTOL drone

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Long range FLY VTOL drone

Long range FLY VTOL Drone is an electric battery-powered fixed-wing VTOL (vertical take-off and landing), offering up to 2.5 hours of endurance time. This UAV adopts a fast assembly and disassembly design, with a foldable structure for easier transportation. The empty weight of the drone is 10kg and is made up of carbon fiber. FLY VTOL can carry a maximum payload of 1.5kg. It adopts a composite aerodynamic layout of quadrotors and fixed-wings and combines the advantages of VTOL of the quadrotors and the long range of fixed0wing drones.

The efficiency of the power system can be optimized to meet the characteristics of various surveying and mapping scenarios. Equipped with a modular design and a 2.4m wing span, the UAV can be quickly deployed in less than 90 seconds.

FLY is catered to the needs of a wide range of aerial surveying applications like terrain mapping, lightweight material transport, ground reconnaissance, and border patrol. FLY Fixed-Wing VTOL T-tail design allows for incredible aerial maneuvers. FLY can reach a maximum speed of 27m/s and a 150km flight range.

FLY can come in different models equipped with different accessories. Please contact us at MotioNew to discuss what best suits your requirements.


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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 154 × 39 × 65 cm



Material EPO + carbon fiber
Size 2430x1450x180mm
Max. Flight Speed 27m/s
Recommended Flight Speed 19~20m/s
Stalling Speed 10m/s
Empty weight 10.1kg
Additional load 1.5kg
Endurance 2-2.5hrs
Endurance Mile 150km



mapping drone uav vtol


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