Lift VTOL B37, Hybrid Tandem Wing Heavy Lift, Long Endurance VTOL

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Unleashing Power and Versatility in Hybrid UAV Technology

The Lift VTOL B37 is a tandem wing hybrid UAV with a 60cc double-cylinder engine, making it incredibly powerful and versatile. It has a cruising speed of 24m/s (26m/s, pro version) and a max speed of 40m/s (145km/h), making it one of the fastest UAVs on the market. It also has a maximum take-off weight of 35kg (40kg, pro version) and a maximum flight altitude of 5000m.

Lift VTOL B37’s Groundbreaking Vertical Takeoff and Landing Capabilities”

But what really sets the Lift vtol drone B37 apart from other UAVs is its VTOL capabilities. This means that it can take off and land vertically, without the need for a runway. This makes it ideal for use in areas where there is limited space or where a runway is not available. The Lift B37 is a groundbreaking VTOL drone equipped with a hybrid engine, combining the efficiency and range of a gas engine with the low emissions and noise of an electric motor.

Lift VTOL B37’s Hybrid Engine Integration for Optimal Performance

The Lift VTOL B37 is also equipped with a hybrid engine, which combines the best of both worlds: the efficiency and range of a gas engine with the low emissions and noise of an electric motor. It will take off in VTOL mode using the electric engines, and then transition into fixed-wing mode to use the fuel engine. 

Lift VTOL B37’s Enhanced Endurance and Payload Capacity

With a 10L fuel tank (14L, pro version), it can achieve 10h flight time (15h, pro version). It is capable of carrying a 10kg payload (18kg, pro version). The fuel consumption is 0.87L/h when the UAV is fully loaded.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Lift VTOL B37:

  • VTOL capabilities: Take off and land vertically, without the need for a runway.
  • Tandem wing design: Superior stability and control in even the most challenging conditions.
  • High payload capacity: Up to 10kg (18kg, pro version) of payload.
  • Long endurance: Up to 10 hours (15 hours, pro version) of flight time on a single charge.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20°C to 50°C.
  • Powerful 60cc double-cylinder engine: Provides exceptional performance and reliability.

The Lift VTOL B37 is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Aerial photography and videography: Capture stunning aerial footage from any location.
  • Surveying and mapping: Map and survey large areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Inspection and maintenance: Inspect bridges, power lines, and other infrastructure from a safe distance.
  • Search and rescue: Locate missing persons or survivors of natural disasters.
  • Delivery: Deliver small packages to remote or inaccessible locations.

If you are looking for the most versatile and powerful UAV on the market, the Lift B37 is the perfect choice for you. Order your Lift B37 today and experience the future of aerial flight!

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Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 50 cm


Lift B37 Technical Specifications
Body Length 2010mm
Body Height 500mm

Front: 2820mm
Rear: 3740mm
Cruising speed 24m/s (26m/s, pro version)
Max speed 40m/s (145km/h)
Wind Resistance

VTOL: Level 5
Fixed-wing: Level 6
Maximum take-off weight 35kg (40kg, pro version)
Maximum Flight Altitude 5000m
Max payload 10kg (18kg, pro version)
Fuel Tank Capacity 10L (14L, pro version)
Endurance time 10h @ fully loaded (15h, pro version)
Working temperature -20°C to 50°C
Tail Fuel Engine 60cc Double Cylinder
Fuel Consumption 0.87L/h @ Fully Loaded


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Product contents

1x Lift B37 (or Lift B37 Pro) frame & propulsion system

1x EFI Engine

1x Fuel Tank

4x VTOL propellers

1x fixed-wing propeller

1x PWM Output Liquid Level Senser

4x 6S 12000mAh Battery

1x UP600 Charger

1x 16-Channel Radio Controller

1x Pixhawk Cube Orange Standard Set (or CUAV X7+ Pro Flight Controller)

1x Air Speedometer

2x C-RTK 9Ps air Module

2x 3S 5000mAh Battery

1x Accessory Package

1x Assembling, Tuning, and Flight Test Service

1x Carrying Case


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