X6 P-BOX GNSS Series, Anti jamming GNSS



X6 P-BOX GNSS Series

The X6 P-BOX is a cutting-edge module designed for a variety of applications, including UAVs, fully automatic robots, precision control systems, and driverless driving. It boasts advanced capabilities, such as the ability to track all global satellite navigation system (GNSS) constellations and support for all current satellite signals. The module stands out in complex environments, thanks to its unique AIM+ anti-interference technology, making it a popular choice in the GNSS mass market.

The P-Box module comes in two versions: a single antenna version and a dual antenna version. For single antenna usage, connecting to RF1 is sufficient, while for dual antennas, both RF1 and RF2 need to be connected to enable the dual antenna directional function.

In terms of interfaces, the P-Box module is equipped with 2x UART ports and a USB connector, providing seamless communication with the host system. Users can choose different interfaces based on their specific hardware requirements. Additionally, the module features 1 PPS (Pulse Per Second) and 2 event references for the output of time pulses and external triggers.

It’s worth noting that the P-Box module complies with RoHS standards, ensuring it meets environmental regulations. With its comprehensive features and adaptability, this module represents a significant advancement in navigation and control technology for a wide range of applications.


X6 p-box X6 p box. 2 - x6 p-box - motionew - 6 X6 p box. 3 - x6 p-box - motionew - 7 X6 p box. 4 - x6 p-box - motionew - 8 X6 p box. 5 - x6 p-box - motionew - 9 X6 p box. 6 - x6 p-box - motionew - 10 X6 p box. 7 - x6 p-box - motionew - 11

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 4 cm


Parameter Description
Receiving satellite (Mosaic-x5 Single antenna) GPS: L1C/A, L1C, L1PY, L2C, L2P, L5
BDS: B1I, B1C, B2a, B2I, B3I
Navic: L5
Galileo: E1, E5a, E5b, E5 AltBoc,E6
QZSS: L1C/A, L1C, L1C/B, L2C, L5, L6
Receiving satellite (Mosaic-H dual antenna)1 GPS: L1, L2
BDS: B1I, B2I, B3I
Navic: L5
Galileo: E1, E5b
QZSS: L1, L2
Sensitivity (C/N0 threshold) Tracking & Navigation: 20 dB-Hz
Acquisition:  33 dB-Hz
Positioning time test2 Cold Start: 45s
Hot Start: ≤20s
Restart: ≤1s
Horizontal position accuracy Horizontal3: 0.6cm+0.5ppm4
Vertical: 1cm+1ppm4
Initialization time: 7s
Speed accuracy 0.03m/s
Timing accuracy XPPS output 5ns
Directional accuracy (dual antenna) 1m antenna pitch: Orientation 0.15°, attitude 0.25°
5m antenna pitch: Orientation 0.03°, attitude 0.05°
limiting condition Acceleration limit ≤ 4 g
Height limit 18,000m
Speed limit 515m/s
Refresh frequency 15200-4M bps, (Default 115200 bps)
Update frequency of data Positioning 100Hz
Positioning orientation 50Hz
Observed value 100hz
*1 B3I and E5b do not support the same time
*2 All satellites are at ≥-130dBm
*3 CEP 50%, 24-hour static, ≥-130dBm, ≥12 satellites in use
*4 Every ten kilometers away from the base station, the accuracy error increases by one centimeter (based on the range within 30 kilometers)



PIN  Name  I/O Describe
1  GND  –  GND
2  EVENT  I  External event triggering
3  1PPS  O  Second pulse output
4  RESET  I  Reset
5  GND  –  GND
6  NC  –  NC
7  RX1  I  Serial port 1 GNSS receives data
8  TX1  O   Serial port 1 GNSS sends data
9  GND  –  GND
10  VCC  I  GNSS supply 4.5-12.0V
11  RX2  I  Serial port 2 GNSS receives data
12  TX2  O  Serial port 2 GNSS sends data
13  RF1  I  GNSS positioning antenna port, power supply voltage is 5V
14  RF2  I  GNSS directional antenna port, power supply voltage is 5V


Parameter Symbol Min General Max Unit
Power supply voltage range VCC 4.5 5.0 12.0  V
Average current (Passive antenna test) Acquisition 160 (@5.0V ) 185 (@5.0V )  240 (@5.0V )  mA
Track 160 (@5.0V 185 (@5.0V )  215 (@5.0V )  mA
Antenna supply current1(Maximum current supported by an antenna) RF_VCC  70 @5.0V  mA
Maximum ripple of VCC port Vrpp 0 50  50  mV
Vin -0.5 Vcc +0.2  –  mV
Electrostatic protection VESD(HBM) 2000  2000  V
Storage temperature Tstg -55  85 °C
Working temperature Tstg -40  85 °C


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