QioTek ASP5033 Airspeed Module with Pitot tube

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QioTek ASP5033 Airspeed Module with Pitot tube Overview

Introducing the QioTek ASP5033 Differential Pressure Sensor, a cutting-edge digital sensor designed to provide precise measurements with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Engineered with a I2C interface, this sensor ensures seamless digital output, offering superior performance for a range of applications.

This sensor boasts remarkable capabilities, featuring automatic matching for dynamic pressure and static pressure. Designed for ease of installation, the sensor only requires the connection of the pitot tube, simplifying the setup process. The GH1.25 terminal interface facilitates direct connection to the flight control I2C port via the distribution terminal cable, ensuring hassle-free integration into your system.

Simplifying the connection of the airspeed tube, the ASP5033 sensor only needs the pitot tube to be installed with the arrow pointing towards the front of the aircraft. Silicone tubes connect the pitot tube to the board, automatically detecting static and dynamic pressure upon flight initiation, removing the need for meticulous tube orientation.

The ASP5033 Differential Pressure Sensor board is an exceptional silicon pressure sensor module that offers a digital I2C interface, enabling precise readings of differential pressure within the specified full-scale pressure span and temperature range.

This sensor is specified with ranges from -20Pa to +20kPa, providing an accuracy of ±0.2% Span and a Total Error Band (TEB) of 0.5%. With its robust build and an operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C, it ensures accurate readings in various conditions.

The ASP5033 Differential Pressure Sensor is a reliable, high-accuracy sensor suitable for various applications requiring precise differential pressure measurements. Elevate your systems’ accuracy and reliability with this advanced sensor, delivering unparalleled performance in challenging environments.


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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm

GH1.25 steel pitot tube, SH1.25 steel pitot tube, GH1.25 3D printed pitot tube, SH1.25 3D printed pitot tube


Ranges -20Pa~+20kPa
Accuracy ±0.2% Span
Total error band(TEB) 0.5%
Over Pressure 2x rated
Temp. Accuracy ±1℃
Power supply 4.5-12V
Current consumption <8uA (one time measurement)
Static Current <120nA (25°C)
Operating Temperature -40°C~125℃
Temperature Accuracy
±[email protected]

Product contents

1x ASP5033 Air Speed Meter Module & Pitot tube 

1x GH1.25 wire

1x Industrial grade UV resistant 3D printed pitot tube

1x Stainless steel pitot tube

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