CUAV Pixhawk V5+ UAV Flight Controller

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CUAV Pixhawk V5+ Overview

The CUAV Pixhawk V5+ autopilot UAV is a FMUv5-based Flight Controller for drone designed and made by CUAV. This open-hardware design is aimed at both commercial and academic users. The Pixhawk V5+ Drone Autopilot adopts a convenient modular design for user integration and allows the user to focus on designing its backplane. FMU v5 open-source hardware features more advanced processors than FMU V3, larger flash and RAM, and more stable and reliable sensors. The V5+ is fully compatible with PX4 and ArduPilot firmware. You may also take a look at the Pixhawk CUAV X7 Pro Flight Controller for the sake of comparison

The core part of the CUAV Pixhawk V5+ UAV Flight Controller is integrated into the V5 core. The lower plate is detachable and serves only as an external interface carrier, giving consumers a customized space. A built-in high-performance shock absorption system allows the sensor and the main board of the flight controller to adapt to various severe environments. CUAV Pixhawk V5+ autopilot comes with five built-in sets of sensors. The flight controller monitors the multi-channel sensor data in real-time and immediately performs redundant switching in case of a fault, improving flight safety and stability. V5+ supports the RTK positioning module for precise centimeter positioning to meet your higher positioning requirements (the RTK positioning module needs to be purchased separately).

Pixhawk can be used with a wide range of robots including Drones such as Fixedwing, Multirotor, VTOL, etc, and ground robots with wheel and underwater ROV robots. By using the Pixhawk flight controller you can make your robot perform a fully autonomous mission. Pixhawk autopilot is open source so you can do the customization and integration to your own drone or other kinds of robots.

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Pixhawk v5 plus

Hardwae design based on FMUv5

F765 Processor

Cuav pixhawk v5 plus 4 - cuav pixhawk v5+ uav flight controller - motionew - 2
Cuav pixhawk v5 plus 1 - cuav pixhawk v5+ uav flight controller - motionew - 3 Cuav pixhawk v5 plus 3 - cuav pixhawk v5+ uav flight controller - motionew - 4 Cuav pixhawk v5 plus 2 - cuav pixhawk v5+ uav flight controller - motionew - 5


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm



Compatible brand PX4 / Ardupilot
Weight 90g
Dimensions 85.5 X 42 X 33mm
Operating temperature -20 ~ 80°C
Output  8-14 PWM
Memory 2MB
RAM  512KB
IO processor STM32F100
Accelerometer/Gyroscope ICM-20689
Main FMU processor STM32F765
IO processor STM32F100
Accelerometer/Gyroscope ICM-20689
Accelerometer/Gyroscope BMI055
Magnetometer IST8310
Barometer MS5611
8-14 PWM outputs (6 from IO, 8 from FMU)
Servo output S.Bus
Serial ports 5 general purpose
Ports 4 I2C
Buses 4 SPI
Analog inputs for voltage current of 2 batteries
Power 4.3~5.4V
USB input 4.75~5.25V
Servo rail input 0~36V


V5+ User manual

CUAV V5 plus Manual-2

CUAV V5+ docs

FMUv5 reference design CUAV pinout

CUAV Github

Base board design

Product contents

Product contents

1x V5+

2x 12C/CAN cable

1x ADC3.3 cable

1x RSSI cable

1x SUBS cable

1x HV PM Power cable

1x Dupont cable

1x Pw-Link module

1x USB-TypeC cable

1x 16G memory card

1x DSM cable

1x CAN extension board


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