QioTek RM3100 Compass Magnetic Field Sensor of DroneCAN Module

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QioTek RM3100 Compass Magnetic Field Sensor of DroneCAN Module

Introducing the Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100 by QioTek, a game-changing module engineered to revolutionize magnetic field measurements in your drones. Say goodbye to the prevalent points of failure encountered in traditional systems, as this operational module eliminates noise in magnetic field readings, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in heading and orientation calculations.

Designed to provide a reliable heading reference, this 3-axis magnetometer employs PNI’s proprietary magneto-inductive technology, surpassing industry standards with its exceptional resolution and minimal noise interference. With over 10 times better resolution and more than 20 times lower noise compared to leading Hall Effect sensors, the RM3100 guarantees precise navigation through waypoints, mitigating disturbances caused by motor coils and metallic components.

The Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100 offers unparalleled resolution at 10 nanoteslas (10 nT), coupled with low power consumption and zero hysteresis, catering to applications demanding superior accuracy. Its user-friendly design allows for seamless integration, eliminating the need for temperature calibration while delivering consistent, high-performance results.

Featuring DroneCAN output protocol and adaptable output connectors (GH1.25 / SH1.25 / DuPont2.54), this compact module, measuring 25x21x13mm, weighs a mere 7g, ensuring minimal impact on your drone’s overall weight and aerodynamics.

Enhance your drone’s performance and precision with the Professional Grade Magnetometer RM3100. Elevate your navigation capabilities, minimize errors, and optimize efficiency with this cutting-edge module, setting new standards in magnetic field measurements for aerial devices.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm


Output protocol DroneCAN
Output connector GH1.25 / SH1.25 / DuPont2.54
Size 25x21x13 high
Weight 7g


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Product contents

Package Included:

1x QioTek RM3100 GNSS Module

1x GH1.25 or  1x SH1.25 or 1x DuPont2.54






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