S90 Flight controller, Hybrid UAV Flight Control and Navigation System



The S90 Flight controller series boasts a military-grade, high-precision flight controller for drone and navigation system that integrates a multi-redundant, high-precision integrated navigation system (GPS/INS), along with a high-precision differential Beidou/GPS positioning module and a dual-antenna directional system. This cutting-edge system is characterized by its exceptional accuracy, reliability, multiple redundancies, and a plethora of interfaces.

The S90 UAV Autopilot series flight control and navigation system has undergone rigorous verification in extreme conditions, enduring harsh temperatures, air pressures, and diverse environments. With thousands of hours of flight verification, it stands as a reliable choice for large and medium-sized fully autonomous rolling take-off and landing fixed-wing, vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing, tilt-rotor, and multirotor UAVs.


  • Integration of redundant MEMS inertial sensor groups offering tactical-level accuracy, exhibiting strong vibration resistance, excellent stability, high attitude accuracy, and redundancy.
  • Incorporation of a high-precision differential Beidou/GPS positioning module, ensuring centimeter-level positioning accuracy.
  • Integration of a dual-antenna directional system boasting directional accuracy of 0.1° (2m baseline), forming a robust three-redundant heading system along with the dual-redundant magnetic compass system, thereby significantly enhancing navigation system reliability.
  • An extensive array of outputs and inputs, including PWM control outputs, Digital control outputs, serial port outputs, ADC inputs, Digital inputs, CAN, and SBUS roads.
  • Support for various take-off and recovery methods, including autonomous rolling take-off, vehicle-based autonomous take-off, ship-based mobile platform autonomous vertical take-off, and precise recovery techniques such as autonomous rolling landing, parachute landing, net collision, aerial lanyard, and autonomous vertical landing on ship-borne mobile platforms.
  • A comprehensive emergency protection mechanism covering various scenarios, including low voltage, low oil volume, abnormal attitude and altitude, low GPS positioning accuracy, navigation system failure, beyond safety fence, control radius breach, remote control failure, etc.
  • Capability to preset 100 emergency landing points and automatically land at the nearest location in case of emergencies.
  • Versatile flight planning options with support for multiple flight routes, extensive waypoints, and detailed recording capabilities for flight and mission information.

The ground measurement and control software offer advanced features like online maps, irregular multi-measurement area automatic surveying, mapping route planning, and automatic planning of patrol routes. However, users are cautioned to conduct a complete pre-flight inspection to ensure no faults in the designed plan occurs.

S90 flight controller S90. 2 1 - s90 flight controller - motionew - 4 S90. 3 1 - s90 flight controller - motionew - 5 S90. 4 1 - s90 flight controller - motionew - 6 S90. 5 1 - s90 flight controller - motionew - 7 S90. 6 1 - s90 flight controller - motionew - 8 S90. 7 1 - s90 flight controller - motionew - 9

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 cm


Attitude accuracy 0.1°
Heading accuracy 0.08° (2m baseline)
Positioning accuracy 5cm+1ppm
Speed accuracy
Angular velocity measurement range ±450° /s
Acceleration measurement range ±16g
Height measuring range – 500m ~10000m
Voltage monitoring range 0~52v
Servo update frequency 50Hz ~ 200Hz
Engine speed monitoring range 0~20000rpm
Voltage monitoring channel 6
Engine rotation monitoring channel 4
PWM control channel 14
Digital output channel 3
CAN communication interface
Extended serial port 6 channels RS232, 4 channels RS422
SBUS interface 1input, 1output
Built-in data logger
9 hours
Photo POS point 10000
emergency landing point 100
Power supply range DC9 ~ 36V
Power Consumption < 10W
Weight 360 g
Dimensions 115 x 94.5 x 41.5(mm)
Operating Temperature -40°C~85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~85°C

Product contents

Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us for more information.


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