CUAV NEO 3 GPS, High Precision GPS

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CUAV NEO 3 GPS High Precision GPS Sensor Overview

UAV positioning module Neo 3 was developed by CUAV. This unit combines a compass, barometer, flight controller status light, buzzer, and safety switch. As a result of its high level of safety and strong interference resistance, it is highly recommended. The module integrates the Ublox m9n module, which is capable of receiving signals from GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and Beidou all at once.

In addition to the Ublox NEO M9N GPS Module with Shell Stand Holder, the CUAV NEW GPS Compass Module is suitable for Pixhawk V5+ plus RC Parts PX4 flight controllers. It is a GPS sensor that uses GNSS for positioning purposes.

It is a new generation satellite receiver that supports an accuracy of 0.7 degrees and supports simultaneous satellite signals to be received from four satellite systems using the NEO 3 GNSS satellite navigation module generation Ublox M9.
The features of this Neo 3
It is a high precision GNSS sensor that offers high accuracy
3D compass with high precision and precision for industrial applications
Using a barometer
An integrated buzzer is included in this device
An integrated safety switch is provided
This product uses RGB LEDs.
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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


  • Uc41b556c9f504fc9a4070a428ff22161t - cuav neo 3 gps - motionew - 4
    Compatible Brand Pixhawk
    Weight 33g
    Dimension 60*15.8mm
    Operating temperature -20 ~ 85°C
    Update rate 10Hz (Max)
    Input voltage 5V
    Receiver type 72 Channels
    GPS Chip UBLOX M9N
    RGB status light NCP5623C
    Compass IST8310
    Buzzer Passive buzzer
    Safety switch Physical buttons
    Accuracy 3D positioning
    Update rate 10Hz (Max)
    Acquisition Cold Start 26S | Hot Start 1.5S | Aided Start 2S | Reacquisition 1S
    Receiver type 72 Channels
    Sensitivity Tracking & Navigation -167dBm
    Cold Start -148dBm
    Hot Start -156dBm
    Reacquisition -160dBm
    Functional Advanced jamming
    Input voltage 5V
    Temperature -10-70 ° C

Product contents

1xNEO GPS V2 Module

1XNEO GPS V2 Stand


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