DJI Naza V2 Flight Controller with GPS

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DJI Naza V2 Overview

The Naza-M V2 is a powerful drone flight controller for enthusiast, commercial and industrial flyers. It’s easy to install, simple to configure and above all, extremely stable. Nine types of traditional motor mixes are supported, making it ideal for every setup.


16 point Ground Station is available free for both iPad and PC, without serial number verification. 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink required.


The Naza-M V2 autopilot drone boasts the extraordinary stability you would expect of all DJI flight control systems and combines it with unparalleled maneuverability with and without GPS. Built into it are automatic GPS course correction plus GPS and compass interference monitoring, which combine to offer more stable flight and minimal magnetic interference.


Drift-free, stable take offs on different surfaces is ensured with Takeoff Assistance.


Forward on a multirotor is normally the direction the nose is facing, which can get confusing when turning, but with IOC switched on, direction is hugely simplified.

In Home Lock mode, forward is the direction from the multirotor’s current position back to home. See below for details.


If a hexrotor or octorotor equipped with a Naza-M V2 suffers a motor failure in flight in attitude or GPS mode, it will maintain its altitude and rotate around the stopped motor. This allows it to fly safely back to home and land.


If the connection between the multirotor and the remote control are disconnected during flight, a failsafe system will activate. Provided there was enough GPS signal at the time of the disconnection, the multirotor will fly back to its point of takeoff and land automatically. This feature can also be triggered manually using the One-Key Go-Home function activated using Assistant.

Naza-M V2 Features

  • All-in-one Design
  • Nine Types of Multi-rotors Supported
  • Free Ground Station Function
  • New Assistant Software for Smartphone
  • Independent PMU with amazing function extension
  • Enhanced Failsafe Mode
  • Two Levels of Low Voltage Protections
  • Multi-rotor One-power Output Fail Protection
  • Advanced & Improved Attitude Stabilization Algorithm
  • Multiple Flight Control Modes/Intelligent Switching
  • New Assistant Software & Firmware Online Update
  • GPS Module Available/Accurate Position Hold
  • iOSD mini supported
  • Intelligent Orientation Control
  • Motor Arm and Motor Dis-arm
  • PPM, S-BUS & Ordinary Receiver Supported
  • Independent LED Module
  • Built-in Gimbal Stabilization Function
  • Remote Gain Adjustment


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Additional information

Weight 0.027 kg


Basic Performance Supported Multi-Rotor Quad-rotor I4, X4
Hex-rotor I6, X6, IY6, Y6
Octo-rotor I8,V8,X8
Supported ESC Output 400Hz refresh frequency
Recommended Transmitter PCM or 2.4GHz with minimum 4 channels
Working Voltage Range MC:4.8V~5.5V

VU Input: 7.4V ~ 26.0 V
(recommend 2S ~ 6S Li-Po)
Output(V-SEN port red wire): 3A@5V

(burst current:7.5A)

Power Consumption MAX: 1.5W(0.3A@5V)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Assistant Software System Requirement Windows XP sp3 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Flight Performance Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode) Vertical:±0.8m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity 200°/s
Max Tilt Angle 35°
Ascent / Descent 6m/s,4.5m/s
Hardware Weight MC:27g
Dimensions MC: 45.5mm x 32.5mm x 18.5mm
PMU: 39.5mm x 27.5mm x 10.0mm
GPS & Compass 46mm(diameter)x10mm
LED: 25mm x 25mm x 7.0mm
Built-In Functions Multiple Autopilot Control Mode
Enhanced Fail-safe
Low Voltage Protection
S-Bus Receiver Support
PPM Receiver Support
Independent PMU Module
2-axle Gimbal Support


Product contents

Product contents


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