S80 Flight controller, Hybrid UAV Flight Control and Navigation System



The S80 flight controller series are professional-grade, ultra-high-reliability flight controller for drone and navigation systems that integrate redundant micro-integrated navigation systems and real-time differential high-precision GNSS. The GPS module (its positioning can reach a centimeter-level accuracy), dual-antenna directional module, and optional data transmission radio are highly integrated to simplify external wiring and further improve system reliability and stability. Especially, the S80 UAV Autopilot series is suitable for 100kg medium-range fully autonomous taxiing take-off and landing fixed wings, vertical take-off and landing fixed wings, and tilt-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles.


  • Integrated triple-redundancy inertial measurement unit, where the main sensor is ADI high-quality gyroscope and accelerometer, and can switch to the backup redundancy in real-time according to the working status, with the dual advantages of high measurement accuracy and high reliability.
  • Integrated dual-redundancy satellite navigation system (GNSS), and real-time high-precision differential GPS module (RTK positioning accuracy up to centimeter level). GPS modules are redundant with each other, and the system automatically selects and uses GPS data with better positioning status.
  • The integrated high-precision dual-antenna direction finding module has a heading measurement accuracy of 0.1° (when the baseline distance between the two antennas is 2m).
  • The complete emergency protection mechanism can protect against low voltage, low oil volume, low rotation speed, an abnormal attitude, abnormal altitude, low GPS positioning accuracy, navigation system failure, and more.
  • Failsafes beyond the safety fence, beyond the control radius, remote control failure, etc.

100 emergency landing points can be preset, and in case of emergency protection, it will automatically land at the nearest location. Provides 8 user routes, each route can add 800 waypoints. Automatically generate circling route, circling center, and circling radius.

Flight information and mission information are recorded and downloaded separately. The flight information recording time is up to 9 hours, and the mission information record is up to 10,000 pieces. The ground control software supports online maps and automatic surveying and mapping route planning for irregular multi-measurement areas. It also supports the automatic planning of patrol routes such as oil and electric power lines. However, users are cautioned to conduct a complete pre-flight inspection to ensure no faults in the designed plan occurs.

S80 flight controller S80. 2 - s80 flight controller - motionew - 4 S80. 3 - s80 flight controller - motionew - 5 S80. 4 - s80 flight controller - motionew - 6 S80. 5 - s80 flight controller - motionew - 7 S80. 6 - s80 flight controller - motionew - 8 S80. 7 - s80 flight controller - motionew - 9

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 5 cm


Attitude accuracy 0.35°
Heading accuracy
Positioning accuracy 1cm
Angular velocity measurement range ±450°/s
Acceleration measurement range ±6g
Airspeed measurement range 0 ~ 100m/s
Height measuring range – 500m ~ 10000m
Voltage monitoring range 0~52v
Servo update frequency 50Hz
Engine speed monitoring range 0~20000rpm
Communication Interface RS-232C
Voltage monitoring channel 2
Engine rotation monitoring channel 2
PWM control channel 9
Digital output channel 3
Extended serial port 3
SBUS input 1
Power supply range DC4.5- 9.0V


Power Consumption < 6W
Weight 480g
Dimensions 153x98x47.5mm
Operating Temperature -40°C~85°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~85°C

Product contents

Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us for more information.


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