CUAV SKYE Heated Airspeed Sensor for Pixhawk

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CUAV SKYE Heated Airspeed Sensor for Pixhawk

CUAV SKYE Airspeed sensor has an automatic heated pitot tube mechanism. Heated pitot airspeed sensors are highly demanded in DIY UAVs by using Pixhawk flight controllers, it makes the drones more reliable and improves the robustness of the avionics systems. By using CUAV SKYE heated airspeed sensor you can have a decent feature and reduce the probability of measurement error. This pixhawk airspeed sensor has a Dual Temperature Control System to do the airspeed compensation automatically, significantly improving the drone’s safety level and making it operational in harsh environments. It can also pass the IP44 protection standard. In the end, by processing collected data with a highly integrated STM32F4 processor and industrial-level CAN interface you can easily use it with most Pixhawk flight controllers or any DroneCAN-supported flight controls.

SKYE — CUAV Heated Pitot Tube Airspeed sensor Features:

  • Built-in STM32F4 processor ​
  • DroneCAN Protocol ​
  • Dual temperature compensation system ​
  • Intelligent de-icing ​
  • IP44 protection class ​
  • Automatic drainage design


Cuav skye Skye sensor2 - cuav skye - motionew - 14 Skye sensor3 - cuav skye - motionew - 15 Skye sensor4 - cuav skye - motionew - 16 Skye sensor5jpg - cuav skye - motionew - 17 Skye sensor6 1 - cuav skye - motionew - 18 Skye sensor7 1 - cuav skye - motionew - 19

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm



Processor STM32F4
Protocol DroneCAN
Pitot tube temperature control type Resistance heating
Airspeed sensor MS5525
Sensor performance
Airspeed measurement range ±500km/h
Airspeed accuracy ±0.69Pa
Total Error Band ±2.5%FS
Temperature measurement range -15℃-150℃
Humidity measurement range 0-100%
Physical characteristics
Pitot tube heating power 35W
DC IN Default 12-36V
Operating Temperature -20℃±75℃
Size 82.5×30.4×28.2mm
Weight 22g
Protection Level IP44(To be installed on request)

Product contents

Product contents

1x SKYE Airspeed Sensor

1x Airspeed HUB

1x Airspeed sensor cable

1xCAN Data Cable

1xXT30 Power Cable

Skye sensor7 - cuav skye - motionew - 20



CUAV SKYE Airspeed User manual 


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