Pixhawk CUAV X7+ Flight Controller

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An overview of the Pixhawk CUAV X7+ flight controller

CUAV X7+ Autopilot

The Pixhawk CUAV X7+ autopilot is an advanced flight control for drone that CUAV® independently designed and built. In addition to using a high-performance STM32H7 processor, the device is also equipped with industrial-grade sensors and ultra-low temperature drift sensors. Compared to the previous CUAV X7+, this flight controller which is a multirotor, VTOL,  and fixed-wing drone autopilot, offers superior performance and enhanced reliability. In addition to being able to run ArduPilot firmware perfectly, this board will also be compatible with PX4 firmware when it comes out later. For academic research and the integration of commercial systems, X7 is an ideal solution.


  • The new series is faster than the previous series
  • The operating frequency is 480MHz
  • This EEPROM has 512K memory

Harsh Environment

  • The sensor is built-in with high accuracy
    temperature compensation
  • The sensor is highly accurate and sensitive



  • There is a built-in and reliable shock absorption mechanism
    In order to counteract flight jitter

Low noise

  • The noise level is lower and the shock resistance is stronger
    In aspect of vibration performance
  • It comes with an industrial-grade compass, which is RM3100
  • The performance of this device is anti-interference


  • It is modular in design
  • It is compatible with the core autopilot of the V5+
  • The process is as simple as changing the CPU


  • A centimeter-level positioning C-RTK option is available
  • It is suitable for surveying, mapping, and
    plant protection

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