CUAV P900 Radio Telemetry Module 900MHz

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Overview of CUAV P900 Radio Telemetry 

CUAV P900 Radio Telemetry Module is a 900MHz, 1W, 60Km line-of-sight datalink drone communication module based on Microhard Chip Long Range for Pixhawk, APM, and PaparazziUAV. It features high power, high speed, and high receiver sensitivity, making it ideal for use in drone communications systems. Consult Motionew Online Shop to see the full range of our products.

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The P900 Radio is an incredibly long unit of data telemetry used in numerous applications. This device uses the frequency band of 902-928MHz for communication purposes. It supports a transmission distance of 60km and a link rate of 276kbps. P9 Radio has a wide voltage input range of 3-12s. In addition to supporting point-to-multiple and relay communication, it also meets the communication requirements in a wide range of applications. A Dual End Switchover P9 is equipped with TTL and USB ports, making it possible to switch between the air terminal and the ground terminal at any time. In the event that there is damage, the module can be paired with another module in order to reduce the cost of using it.

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Additional information

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Working frequency 902-928 MHz
Transmission technology frequency hopping
Forwarding error detection Hamming /BCH/Golay/Reed-Solomon
error detecting Error Detection 32 bits of CRC, ARQ
encrypt Optional (see –AES option)
range 40 mile ( s ) (60 km)
sensitivity -110 dBm @ 115.2 kbps
-108 dBm @ 172.8 kbps
-107 dBm @ 230.4 kbps
output power 100mW – 1W (20-30dBm)
serial interface 3.3V CMOS TTL
Baud rate 57600(Changeable)
Airspeed 115 – 276 kbps
operator schema Mesh, Auto Routing, Store and Forward,Self Healing, Packet Routing Modes
Blocking ± 1 MHz > 55 dBc
± 2.5 MHz > 60 dBc
± 5 MHz > 65 dBc
> 930 MHz > 70 dBc
< 890 MHz > 70 dBc
Remote Diagnostics Battery Voltage, Temperature, RSSI,Packet Statistics
Service voltage 5.0V + -0.25V
Interface current Sleep < 1mA
Idle 3.5mA
Rx: 35mA to 80mA
Tx : 800mA to 1200mA



Antenna interface SMA
Interface GH1.25-6P&USB
Environmental -55℃ ~ +85℃
Weight 51.2MM*38.2MM*15.5MM



Order Option S
-AES 128-bit AES Encryption (requires permit for export outside of Canada and USA.)
-ENC Enclosed Model


Product contents

Product contents


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