T900 Mini Datalink, 900MHz 1W Digital Datalink Module

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T900 Mini Datalink Overview

The T900 Mini Datalink drone series is a miniaturized digital radio of the T900 series. The T900 Mini mainly includes separate Air and Ground models. The only difference between the two is the interface. The air model is mainly used for the UAV end, while the ground model uses the Type C interface for the ground end. Both of the ground and air units have an SMA Female RF connector to connect the antenna.

The ground model has 2x USB C interfaces, named “USB” and “DC5V”. The former has both data and power connections, while the latter can only provide power. On the Air model, an XT30 connector is provided to power the module using a 7-26v source of power, and a 4pin JST-GH connector for the data communication interface. The pins on the JST-GH connector are RX, TX, GND, and VCC, the VCC pin providing 5v@1A output power to use for other external accessories. 

Both of them have the characteristics of small size, good integration, and high sensitivity. T900 Mini works in the frequency band of 902~928MHz and has 1W transmission power. In a good environment, the maximum transmission distance can reach up to 60km.

T900 mini datalink T900. 2 - t900 mini datalink - motionew - 9 T900. 3 - t900 mini datalink - motionew - 10 T900. 4 - t900 mini datalink - motionew - 11 T900. 5 - t900 mini datalink - motionew - 12 T900. 6 - t900 mini datalink - motionew - 13

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 cm


Frequency 902-928MHz
Spread Spectrum Mode FHSS
Power 1W (30dBm)
Data rate Up to 276.4kbps
Serial Port Baud rate Up to 921.6kbps
Data Encryption 256-bit physical layer encryption
Ground unit (Transmitter) Power USB port, Data USB port
Air unit (Receiver) Power XT30 Port, Data jst-gh 4pin
Power input 7-26v
Transmission Range up to 60km (*note: Depend on the environment)
Operation Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Dimension 62x40x13mm
Weight 43g


Please click here to download the T900 Mini User Guide

Please click here to download the T900 mini User Manual

Please click here to download the T900 mini configuration software


Product contents

1x Transmitter, 1x Receiver, 1x cable set (XT30 Power, jst-gh data, RF extension, 2x Type C to Full USB), 2x 2.5dBi omni-directional Antenna

T900. 7 - t900 mini datalink - motionew - 14


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