RFD900A 915Mhz Radio Telemetry Module

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Overview of RFD900A

RFD900A radio telemetry module is a compact wireless datalink drone transmission module with excellent performance. Consult Motionew Online Shop to see the full range of our products.


  1. There is no distinction between transceiver design, each module is integrated with a USB serial chip, USB and UART interface automatic switching, USB priority.
  2. Working frequency range 902-928 MHz, ISM band.
  3. The transmitter circuit is designed with a low noise amplifier larger than 20DB and a low pass filter unit is added.
  4. Adjustable transmitting power, maximum 1W.
  5. Acoustic meter filter is used to filter spurious signals in receiving circuit.
  6. Outdoor communication distance can reach 40 km or more in a straight line and 500m-1 km in indoor distance.
  7. Air data rates can reach up to 250 Kbps.
  8. Dual Antenna interface, supporting antenna diversity, differential antenna configuration.
  9. Support AT command configuration for a local radio station and RT command configuration for the remote radio station.
  10. It has the module temperature monitoring function and automatically adjusts according to the duty cycle of temperature to avoid overheating.
  11. CNC metal shell is conducive to module heat dissipation and more stability.
  12. The plug with lock is not easy to fall off.

Rfd900a 915mhz 3dr radio telemetry module uav 40km data link transmission motionew


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm


Model: RFD900A

Communication rate: 4,8,16,19,24,32,48,64,96,128,192 and 250 kbps.

Transmitting power: 0 to 30 dBm, 1 dBm stepping adjustable.

Power supply voltage rated 5V minimum 4V maximum 5.5V;

Emission current: 1A (maximum power mode);

Acceptance current: 60 mA;

Working temperature: – 40 to 85 degrees Celsius;

Dimensions: 32.5 mm * 53 mm * 9.5 mm

Weight: 23g

Product contents

1x RFD900A Module

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