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Enhance Your FPV Experience with RushFPV MAX Solo VTX 2.5W

Enhance your FPV (First Person View) experience with RushFPV MAX SOLO, compact and lightweight FPV video link Transmitter. Designed with cutting-edge features and superior performance, this transmitter is a must-have for any FPV enthusiast or professional pilot.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Measuring a mere 40x24x10.5mm in size and weighing just 15g (without cable), this FPV video transmitter is incredibly small and lightweight. Its compact design ensures easy integration into any FPV setup, without compromising on performance or functionality.

Versatile Channel and Power Options

Equipped with 48 channels (37 channels for US) and various power levels, this video transmitter offers unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. With power levels ranging from PIT (power-off pit mode) to 25mW, 1000mW, and a maximum power output of 2.5W (Special conditions apply), you can easily adjust the output power to suit your specific needs and flying conditions.

Wide Input Voltage Range for Compatibility

The FPV Video Transmitter accepts a wide input voltage range of DC 7-36V, making it compatible with 6S LiPo batteries. This ensures stable and reliable performance even during demanding flights. Additionally, the transmitter provides a DC 5V output with a maximum of 500mA, allowing you to power other FPV accessories directly from the transmitter.

High-Quality Video and Audio Transmission

With its CVBS PAL/NTSC video input and 6.5M MONO audio input, this transmitter ensures high-quality video and audio transmission. Enjoy clear and crisp visuals, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your FPV flights. The MMCX 50Ω antenna connector ensures a secure and reliable connection with your antenna, minimizing signal loss and maximizing range.

Smart Audio Support for Easy Control

The FPV Video Transmitter features Smart Audio support, enabling external control and adjustment of various settings. This allows you to conveniently configure and fine-tune your transmitter without the need for additional equipment or complex setups. Enjoy seamless and hassle-free control over your FPV system.

Durable and Reliable Performance

Don’t be fooled by its small size and lightweight construction; this FPV video transmitter packs a punch when it comes to performance and durability. Built to withstand the rigors of FPV flying, this transmitter is crafted with high-quality materials and advanced engineering. It ensures reliable performance, even in challenging environments.

Elevate Your FPV Experience

Upgrade your FPV setup with our Small and Lightweight FPV Video Transmitter. Take advantage of its compact design, advanced features, and superior performance to elevate your FPV experience to new heights. Whether you’re a beginner exploring the world of FPV or a seasoned professional pushing the limits, this transmitter is your gateway to thrilling and immersive FPV flights.

Order Your RushFPV MAX Solo VTX 2.5W Today

Order your Small and Lightweight FPV Video Transmitter today and embark on a new era of FPV adventure and excitement. Discover the freedom and adrenaline rush of FPV flying like never before.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

48CH, 37CH(US Version)


Channel 48CH/37CH (US)
Power Level PIT-25mW-1000mW-MAX*
Input DC 7-36V (6S LiPo)
Output DC 5V (Max 500mA)
Audio In 6.5M MONO
Antenna Connector MMCX 50Ω
External Control Smart Audio
Size 40x24x10.5mm
Weight 15g (Without Cable)

*MAX Power level can provide 2500mW (34dbm) or more power depending on the environment’s ability to dissipate heat


Click here to download the user manual

Product contents

1x RushFPV Max Solo + Cables and antenna connectors

1x user manual

Max solo. 4 - rushfpv max solo vtx 2. 5w - motionew - 14


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