D03 data link, 900MHz link extender up to 30km

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D03 data link 900MHz link extender up to 30km


D03 data link is a dual-link transmission system, that can transmit both remote control (S.BUS radio RC signals) and telemetry data (Serial). Most of the radio controls have a limited range (up to 2km). Using D03, you can extend the control range of your drone up to 30km. The module works at the 900MHz frequency band.

D03 is an industrial-grade system that ensures stable communication at non-line of sight (NLOS). Frequency hopping technology is adopted to achieve super strong anti-interference performance. Its compact size makes it suitable for small UAVs. Its dimensions are 53x40x14mm and weights only 43g. 

D03 data link D03 data link. 2 - d03 data link - motionew - 11 D03 data link. 3 - d03 data link - motionew - 12 D03 data link. 4 - d03 data link - motionew - 13 D03 data link. 5 - d03 data link - motionew - 14 D03 data link. 6 - d03 data link - motionew - 15

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 3 cm


Frequency 902-928MHz
Power 0.1-1w
Data rate 100k/200k
Baud rate 1200-115200
Ground unit (Transmitter) SBUS port*1; USB port*1
Airborne unit (Receiver) SBUS port*1; Serial port*1

*note:Serial port is full duplex serial port, TTL signal

Operation current 500mA

*note:12v power input

Power input 7.4-12v
Transmission range 30km

*note:Depend on the environment

Operation temperature -10℃~+60℃

Humidity 5-95%, RH

Dimension 53mm*40mm*14mm
Weight 43g


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Product contents

1x Transmitter, 1x Receiver, 1x cabel set


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