EFT Z Series Agricultural Drone Frame – EFT Z30 – EFT Z50

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Introducing the Z Series Agricultural Drone

Z SERIES Effort-Tech (EFT) Agricultural Drone System is the INTELLIGENT & HYPEREFFICIENT solution for spraying and sowing your field to enjoy the ultimate experience.

Efficiency Redefined with EFT Z30 and EFT Z50

Two load models are available: the EFT Z50 (50kg) and the EFT Z30 (30kg) drones. These models feature newly upgraded high-strength truss structures, wireless integrated flight control, large-flow double impeller pumps, and water-cooled centrifugal nozzles. The aircraft is the deep synergic integration of software and hardware.

Innovative and Superlative Structure Design

The Z-Series drones have an innovative and superlative structure design. Z-type folding replaced umbrella folding, which leads to a smaller size and easier transport. The Double truss structure increases strength and durability. More importantly, it has a press-locking handle with an intelligent sensor. For convenient and sturdy operations, if the handle is not locked properly, the sensor will not activate and the drone will not power on.

Streamlined Liquid Loading for EFT Z30 and EFT Z50 Drones

There are two big clamshell inlets to easily pour the liquid (water or pesticide) into the tank. The tool-free housing eliminates the need for any screws or other tools to assemble the EFT Z Multirotor drone. There are multiple built-in buckles inside the shell for quick assembly and disassembly. The front side of the drone is designed to be at a higher level compared to the tail, to have an aerodynamic design, and be less resistant to the wind.

Advanced Sensor Technology

This drone is full of sensors to give feedback to the user in case of any faults. It has a separate ultrasonic flow meter for each nozzle, precise weighing modules to avoid overloading the drone, and a smart feedback module which is constantly monitoring all the sensors in different parts of the drone including the motors, speed controllers, and nozzles.

Modular and Wire-Free Design

The flight controller, receiver, and RTK system have a modular design and wire-free design, which are wire-free. The wire layout of the system is deeply optimized to facilitate the repair and debugging. The Z series drone structure and all the plugs are immersion waterproof (IP67). EFT Z30 and EFT Z50 have a common universal structure.

Z Series Agricultural Drone

EFT Z30, EFT Z50

Agricultural Drone

30.z50 4 - EFT Z30,EFT Z50 - MotioNew - 7

Z-type folding, Truss structure drone

30.z50 6 - EFT Z30,EFT Z50 - MotioNew - 8

30.z50 7 - EFT Z30,EFT Z50 - MotioNew - 9

30.z50 8 - EFT Z30,EFT Z50 - MotioNew - 10

30.z50 9 - EFT Z30,EFT Z50 - MotioNew - 11


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Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm

Product contents

30.z50 10 - EFT Z30,EFT Z50 - MotioNew - 12


Unloaded Spraying drone weight (without batteries) 29.8kg 31.5kg
Unloaded Spraying drone weight (with batteries) 40kg 45kg
Unloaded Spreading drone weight (without battery) 30.5kg 32.5kg
Unloaded Spreading drone weight (without battery) 40.7kg 46kg
Max Take-off weight 70kg 95kg
↑ ( The weight parameters vary by ±1kg according to the final product configuration.)
Wheelbase 2025mm 2272mm
Expand Size Spraying drone: 2435*2541*752mm

Spreading drone: 2435*2541*774mm

Spraying drone: 2845*2718*830mm

Spreading drone: 2845*2718*890mm

Folded size Spraying drone: 979*684*752mm

Spreading drone: 979*684*774mm

Spraying drone: 1066*677*830mm

Spreading drone: 1066*677*890mm

No-load hovering time 17.5min (Test by14S 30000mah) 20min (Test by18S 30000mah)
Full load hovering time 7.5min (Test by 14S 30000mah) 7min (Test by18S 30000mah)
Working temperature 0-40℃
Spraying tank 30L 50L (recommend 45L)
Water Pump Volt: 12-18S

Power: 30W*2 Max flow:8L/min*2

Nozzle Volt: 12-18S

Power: 500W*2 Atomized particle size:50-500μm

Spray width 4-8m
Spreading tank 50L 70L
Max load 30kg 50kg
Applicable granule 0.5-6mm dry solids
Spread width 8-12m
Model 11115 11122
Volt 14S 18S
KV 95kv 60kv
Maximum power 7350W 9730W
 Constant power Constant Power 3100w
Propeller size 43inch 48inch
Operating Voltage 12-80V
Working temperature -10~60℃
RTK Horizontal ±0.1m,Vertical ±0.1m
GPS Horizontal ±1.5m,Vertical ±0.5m
Wind resistance level Sustained wind: level 4, Gust: level 5
Resolution 1080*1920
display screen 5.5inch
Working time 12h
Charging time 5h (20W)
Control distance 3km (3m Height without shelter)
Weight 850g
Volt 14S 18S
Capacity 30000mah 30000mah
Weight 10kg 13.5kg



Please click here to download EFT Z30 EFT Z50 EFT Z series user manual

Please click here to download EFT Z30 EFT Z50 EFT Z series Assembly Instruction Manual

Please click here to download EFT Z30 EFT Z50 EFT Z series brochure

Please click here to download EFT Z30 EFT Z50 EFT Z series App User Manual


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