M33 Lightweight Hexarotor Rotary-wing UAV – Multirotor drone

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Overview of M33 Lightweight Hexarotor

M33 lightweight hexarotor is a foldable and portable ultra lightweight Hexarotor UAV with a 1200mm wheelbase. The 80min long endurance feature supports users to double the work efficiency while ensuring human safety. The use of many general-purpose components reduces product maintenance costs of this rotary-wing multirotor drone. It’s a preferred choice where low SWAP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) without compromising performance is a key requirement.

Made of carbon fiber, the airframe is high strength while its weight is only 1.4kg. Integrated design provides a beautiful appearance while ensuring waterproof performance, and can implement missions on light raining days. Foldable propellers and arms help the aircraft to be portable, easy to carry, and rapid deployment in under 1 minute.

Lightweight but highly efficient. With a 6s 27000mah semisolid HED Li-ion battery as a power source, M33 can carry a maximum of 7kgs payloads with stable flight performance. The flight time can reach 80 minutes without a payload and 55 minutes with a 2kg payload. The system is perfectly suitable for the protection of sensitive industrial sites (such as oil & gas and chemical industry to monitor the oil tanks and oil refining equipment, pipelines, and chemical plants), inspection, and first response. It can provide continuous monitoring while significantly reducing human intervention. Equipped with high-definition optical and thermal sensors, M33 offers very precise aerial vision, day and night, which allows customers to enhance their safety while keeping operational costs low.


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M68 Lightweight Quadrotor Rotary-wing UAV p3 MotioNew



Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm

Product contents

1x Carbon Hexa Frame

6x Motor + propeller set for Hexa

Note: The default used motor pack is hobbywing x6. If you need other types of motors (MAD 6×10 or T-Motor 601-x) please contact us beforehand to adjust the price accordingly. 


Model No. M33
Type Hexarotor
Color Red and black as default (Support customization)
Expanded Dimension 1466x1270x490mm
Wheelbase 1200mm
Arm diameter 28mm
Material Carbon fiber
Airframe Weight 1.4g (no load no battery)
Max Payload 7kg
Flight Time 80min(no load), 55min(2kg load)
Battery (Recommended) 6S 27000mAh
Working Temperature -20℃~60℃


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