H12 Handheld Ground Control Station



H12 Handheld Ground Control Station

H12 is a handheld Ground Control Station (handheld GCS), which is an all-in-one datalink. Equipped with an Android Operating System and Software Defined Network (SDR) Technology, 1080P Digital Video and Telemetry data are streamed simultaneously between your drone and ground station. H12 has low latency video transmission and long data transmission.  The device is Waterproof and dustproof and has an ergonomic design to provide the best experience for a long-time flight. A 5.5-inch high brightness touch screen is appropriate for outdoor uses under direct sunlight. With a 10Ah built-in battery, the device works for more than 6 hours.

Mulitple interfaces are supported to be used with external accessories — SIM card, digital camera, serial port, abuse, and more. A QGroundControl based GCS software is developed to create a better interactive experience for users. This control system operates at 2.4GHz frequency. Another application tool allows you to easily program different axes and buttons to your desired function. The device firmware can be updated over the air through the device helper.


Handheld ground control station Ground control station Gcs Video transmission H12 handheld ground control station Data transmission H12 11 - handheld ground control station - motionew - 7 H12 12 - handheld ground control station - motionew - 8 H12 13 - handheld ground control station - motionew - 9 H12 14 - handheld ground control station - motionew - 10

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm



Remote Control
Model No. H12
Number of Channels 12
Working voltage 4.2v
Frequency 2.4-2.483GHz
Frequency Hopping FHSS
Working Time > 6hrs
Charge Port USB type-c
Battery 10000mAh
Dimensions 190x161x95mm
Weight 540g


Model No. R12
Channels 12
Working Voltage 4.5-5.5v
Dimensions 51x41x13mm
Weight 14g


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