NAV50 Inertial Navigation System (INS)



NAV50 Inertial Navigation System (INS)

The NAV50 Inertial Navigation System is integrated with a three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetometer, GPS receiver module, barometric altimeter, and other miniature sensors, with information fusion achieved through the built-in improved Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). It effectively reduces the influence of vehicle maneuvers, vibration, environmental temperature, and electromagnetic interference. It provides the user with a complete and reliable three-dimensional position, three-axis attitude, three-axis velocity, three-axis acceleration, and other information with frequencies up to 200Hz. The NAV50 internally is integrated with three-dimensional inertial devices, and the main redundancy is high-quality ADI gyros and accelerometers, which can switch to reserve redundancies in real-time according to operating conditions. It has the dual advantages of high measurement accuracy and high reliability.

  • Tri-redundancy
  • Support external differential GPS
  • Support external magnetic compass
  • Support external dual antenna GPS orientation
  • Optional simultaneous output of attitude information under different coordinate systems
  • Navigation data update frequency up to 200Hz
  • Support OEM board (weight 30g)
  • Working in a wide range of temperatures: – 40°C~ 85 °C

Nav50 inertial navigation system Nav50. 2 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 4 Nav50. 3 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 5 Nav50. 4 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 6 Nav50. 5 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 7 Nav50. 6 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 8 Nav50. 7 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 9 Nav50. 8 - nav50 inertial navigation system - motionew - 10

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2 cm


attitude angle
Measuring range Pitch/Roll ±90°/±180°
static accuracy 0.3°
Dynamic accuracy 0.75°
Measuring range ±180°
Accuracy 2.0°
Position accuracy 2.5m
Speed accuracy 0.05m/s
Measuring range ±450°
Bias stability 10°/h
nonlinear 0.01%FS
Measuring range ±6g
Bias stability 5mg
nonlinear 0.03%FS
Measuring range ±2Gauss
nonlinear 0.1%FS
powered by
voltage range DC3.0V- DC16.0V
Power consumption [email protected]
Data interface
Electrical Interface Serial port, RS232C
Output frequency 1Hz-200Hz configurable
Baud rate default 115200,N,8,1 can be set
environmental adaptability
Operating temperature – 40℃~ 85℃
Storage temperature – 40℃~ 85℃
Physical parameters
Dimensions 109 x 56 x 19.5(mm)
weight 100g


Product contents

Please contact us for more information.


Please contact us for more information.


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