Holybro Pixhawk RPi CM4 UAV Flight Controller Baesboard

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Holybro Pixhawk RPi CM4 UAV Flight Controller Baesboard

The Holybro Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard makes the connection between Pixhawk drone flight controllers and Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (RPi CM4) as a companion computer, an easy job. It creates a compact form with all the connections that one may need for development. All Pixhawk connectors and autopilot bus standard is followed for compatibility, which allows using any compatible Pixhawk Flight Controller.

The Drone Autopilot  Flight Controller module is internally connected to the RPi CM4 through TELEM2, while there is the possibility of an ethernet connection using an external cable. Pixhawk 5X and Pixhawk 6X flight controllers are compatible with this baseboard.

Holybro’s Pixhawk 6X UAV Flight Controller is an autopilot device based on FMUv6 that is ideal for use by engineers at startups, corporate research labs, and academics (research, professors, students) as well as for commercial applications. The FMUv6X open-hardware standard includes high-performance and low-noise IMUs on board that helps improve stabilization.

Pixhawk 6X was one of the first Pixhawk boards to add support for fast Ethernet connection. With Microchip Ethernet PHY integrated into the External Sensor Bus (SPI5), high-speed communication with mission computers such as BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi 4 via Ethernet was made possible, as well as two chip select lines and data-ready signals for additional sensors and payload. Pixhawk 6X Autopilot firmware could handle more complex algorithms and models, thanks to the increased processing power and RAM in this flight controller.



Holybro pixhawk rpi cm4
Pixhawk flight controller
Raspberry pi cm4 ethernet connection with pixhawk 6x


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Additional information

Weight 0.0 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 cm

Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard + Pixhawk 6X + PM03D, Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard + PM03D, Raspberry Pi CM4



Pixhawk 6X FC Module Specifications
FMU Processor of pixhawk6x STM32H753

32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M7, 480MHz, 2MB flash memory, 1MB RAM

IO Processor STM32F100

32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M3, 24MHz, 8KB SRAM

On-board sensors


Accel/Gyro: ICM-42688-P
Accel/Gyro: ICM-42670-P
Mag: BMM150
Barometer: 2x BMP388
 Max input voltage Ratings 6V
  USB Power Input Ratings: 4.75~5.25V
  Servo Rail Input Ratings: 0~36V
Telem1 output current limiter: 1.5A
  All other port combined output current limiter: 1.5A
Flight Controller Module 38.8 x 31.8 x 14.6mm
Standard Baseboard: 52.4 x 103.4 x 16.7mm
Mini Baseboard: 43.4 x 72.8 x 14.2 mm
Flight Controller Module Weight   23g
Standard Baseboard Weight 51g
Mini Baseboard Weight 26.5g
16x PWM servo outputs
R/C input for Spektrum / DSM
Dedicated analog / PWM RSSI input and S.Bus output
4x general-purpose serial ports  3 with full flow control

1 with separate 1.5A current limit (Telem1)

1 with I2C and additional GPIO line for external NFC reader

2x GPS ports 1 full GPS plus Safety Switch Port

1 basic GPS port

1x I2C port
1x Ethernet port
Transformerless Applications
1x SPI bus 2 chip select lines

2 data-ready lines

1 SPI SYNC line

1 SPI reset line

2x CAN Buses for CAN peripheral CAN Bus has individual silent controls or ESC RX-MUX control
2x Power input ports with SMBus 1 AD & IO port

2 additional analog input

1 PWM/Capture input

2 Dedicated debug and GPIO lines

Product contents

Bundle 1

  • Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard
    • Note: Does not include Flight Controller Module & RPi CM4
  • PM03D Power Module
  • Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard Cable Set

Rpicm4 11 - holybro pixhawk rpi cm4 - motionew - 10

Bundle 2

  • Pixhawk 6X Flight Controller Module
  • PM03D Power Module
  • Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard
    • Note: Does not include RPi CM4
  • Pixhawk RPi CM4 Baseboard Cable Set

Rpicm4 12 - holybro pixhawk rpi cm4 - motionew - 11

Bundle 3

  • Raspberry Pi CM4 
    • RAM: 8GB 
    • eMMC: 32GB
    • Wireless: No

Rpicm4 13 - holybro pixhawk rpi cm4 - motionew - 12


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