Flightcase Radar 24GHz Miniature UAV Drone Altimeter, ISTRA24

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Flightcase Radar 24GHz Miniature UAV Drone Altimeter, ISTRA24 Radar

Flightcase radar (ISTRA24 radar) is a small (45x45mm in size) and lightweight (only 6g) radar sensor that can be conveniently installed on the frame of your drone, or under any vehicle that you need. This mm-wave altimeter is capable of detecting altitude in the range of 0.2m~50m, a convenient feature for hovering, or following a terrain at a specific altitude above the ground. This sensor becomes the main input of control in altitude flight mode, making the control of the vehicle much easier in both Auto Mission mode and Manual mode when a human pilot controls the drone. This module is compatible with most open-source Ground Control Station (GCS) software including MissionPlanner and QGroundControl.
Flightcase radar works in the range of 24GHz, and has a 20dBm transmitting power. The distance is measured with a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave. With an update rate of 50Hz, you can connect ISTRA24 radar to your drone using a UART connection (voltage level is TTL).

Flightcase radar

ISTRA24 radar

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm



System Features
Transmitting Frequency 24.0~24.25GHz
Transmitting Power (EIRP) 20dBm
System Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
Hardware Interface UART-TTL
Dimensions 45x45x6mm (PCBA)
Weight 6.5g
Working Voltage 4~5.5V / Typical Value: 5v
Working Current 200~275mA / Typical Value: 220mA @ 5V
Storage Temperature -40~85°C
Working Temperature -40~85°C
Altitude Fixing Range 0.2m~50m
Update rate 50Hz



ISTRA24 Radar Usermanual.

Product contents

1x Flightcase 24GHz radar


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