Benewake TFMini-i LiDAR, 12m Industrial-grade Ranging Module

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Benewake TFmini-i, based on the upgraded version of TFmini-S, is a compact short-range LiDAR sensor. Inherited advantages of small size and low power consumption from TFmini-S, TFmini-i has greatly improved its performance — increasing the measurement frequency, reducing blind zone, and improving accuracy and stability. Meanwhile, TFmini-i introduces IP65 enclosures and optimizes various compensation algorithms, which has greatly expanded its application fields and scenarios.

TFmini-i, as large as a man’s thumb, has a great overall performance. The blind zone narrows down to 10cm and the frame rate can reach 100Hz. The lowest power consumption is 85mW.

Unlike the open structure of TFmini — Open form module, TFmini-i has been designed with IP65 enclosures and also passed the vibration test of drone level, which will greatly expand its application fields. TFmini-i supports Pix and customized output protocols and provides various commonly used interfaces — RS485 and CAN, more comprehensively meeting customers’ needs.

Benewake tfmini-i Tfmini i. 2 - benewake tfmini-i - motionew - 6 Tfmini i. 3 - benewake tfmini-i - motionew - 7 Tfmini i. 4 - benewake tfmini-i - motionew - 8

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 5 cm


Parameters Details
Operating Range 0.1-12m@90% reflectivity
0.1-7m@10% reflectivity
0.1-12m@90% reflectivity (70Klux)
0.1-7m@10% reflectivity (70Klux)
Accuracy ±6cm (0.1~6m), 1% (6m-12m)
Distance resolution 1cm
Frame rate 1Hz~1000Hz adjustable (default 100Hz)
Ambient light immunity 70Klux
Operating temperature -20~60℃
Light source VCSEL
Central wavelength 850nm
Photobiological safety Class1 (EN60825)
FOV (Field of view)
Supply voltage 7~30V
Average current ≤65mA@12V
Power consumption ≤0.8W@12V
peak current 100mA@12V
Communication interface
Communication interface CAN
Others Enclosure rating IP65
Enclosure material PC/ABS/PMMA
Dimensions 50mm*34mm*41mm(L*W*H)
Storage temperature -30℃~75℃
Weight 52g
Cable length 70cm


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Product contents

1 set of the TFMini-i LiDAR Module



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