CUAV Airspeed Sensor MS5525 with Pitot Tube

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* If you are looking for a heated pitot tube airspeed sensor, please check CUAV SKYE

CUAV Airspeed Sensor MS5525 with Pitot Tube 

CUAV Airspeed Sensor MS5525 is a digital airspeed sensor kit developed by CUAV. It is recommended to use this airspeed for fixed-wing frames and VTOL drones in plane mode. It is usually used for detecting stalls and is helpful in windy conditions. Because it requires additional calibration, it may hard for new users to properly set it up as it may lead to unprecedented behavior unless used correctly. So it is better to not use it instead of using it wrong.

Airspeed sensors are available in analog and digital (I2C communication) versions. Using the pitot tube, static and total air pressure are measured to calculate airspeed. The placement of the pitot is essential and should be installed properly to be directly in the airstream, and the holes on the pitot should not be covered. In a setup where the propeller is in the nose, the pitot is usually mounted on the wing, which is outside of propeller airflow. The static and dynamic ports are marked on both the sensor and the pitot and should be connected accordingly.

The correct operation of the sensor can be checked using your favorite ground station choice (MissionPlanner, QGroundControl, etc.). By indirectly blowing into the tube (do not directly blow into it as you may tear the diaphragm – do it from a 40-50cm distance) or covering it using your finger, you should be able to see the sensor response.
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This Airspeed Differential Sensor Kit is suitable for V5+, V5 nano, Pixhawk, APM, PX4 Flight Controllers, and RC Model Airplanes.
CUAV MS5525 Airspeed Sensor 1
CUAV MS5525 Airspeed Sensor 2
CUAV MS5525 Airspeed Sensor 3
CUAV MS5525 Airspeed Sensor 4

Notes about this installation:

Please do not install it near the airflow of the propeller. The airflow will be generated when your motor rotates, so don’t place it close to that. As a result, the airspeed meter will be unable to measure the airspeed.

In case you have any questions regarding our product, please feel free to contact our engineering team using the Motionew Contact page.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

pixhawk version, V5+ and x7 series version


CUAV MS5525 4 e1657369244404 - CUAV Airspeed sensor MS5525 - MotioNew - 2

Product contents

CUAV MS5525 6 - CUAV Airspeed sensor MS5525 - MotioNew - 3


CUAV MS5525 5 - CUAV Airspeed sensor MS5525 - MotioNew - 4



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