CUAV SKYE 2 Nano Airspeed Sensor for Pixhawk

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CUAV SKYE 2 Nano Airspeed Sensor for Pixhawk

CUAV SKYE 2 Nano airspeed sensor is the newest product from CUAV. It is the next generation of the CUAV SKYE Heated Pitot airspeed sensor. It has a smaller size, almost the same size as a coin, and supports DroneCAN protocol. It has a strong aluminum alloy shell. It is based on DLVR airspeed sensor. DLVR airspeed sensors are the highest precision, lowest temperature drift sensors currently supported in ArduPilot. They are mini digital output pressure sensors that use All Sensors’ CoBeam2 TM Technology to reduce package stress susceptibility and improve overall long-term stability. Read more about it here in our blog post. The main advantage of the new airspeed sensor is that it does not require calibration before every flight, and you can fly with ease of mind.

CUAV SKYE2 Nano is a high-precision airspeed sensor designed to elevate the performance of your UAV. Powered by the STM32F4 microcontroller running at 100MHz, this compact sensor ensures accurate airspeed measurements ranging up to 226.8 km/h with an impressive error margin of just 1%. The DLVR_L10D sensor, known for its reliability, is at the core of this device, while the DroneCan protocol guarantees seamless communication. Compatible with popular controllers like ArduPilot, CUAV, and Pixhawk, and supporting PX4 and ArduPilot platforms, the CAUV SKYE 2 Nano integrates effortlessly into existing systems. It operates efficiently within a voltage range of 4.75 to 5.3V and can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 to 85℃. Encased in a durable aviation aluminum alloy shell, the sensor weighs only 15g, making it a robust yet lightweight addition to any UAV setup. The outer dimension of the CUAV SKYE2 Nano is 28×16.5x32mm. Experience unparalleled accuracy and performance with the CAUV SKYE 2 Nano, the ultimate airspeed sensor for your drone.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm



MCU STM32F4 100MHz
Sensor DLVR_L10D
airspeed measurement 0-226.8km/h
Error 1%
Protocol DroneCan
Compatible controller ArduPilot/PX4
Operating Voltage 4.75-5.3V
Operating temperature -20 to 85℃
Shell material 15g
Dimensions With Flange: 32×33.3×18.5mm

Without Flange: 32x23x18.5mm

Product contents

1x SKYE 2 Nano

1x SKYE airspeed tube

1x CAN data line (35cm)

1x Silicon Tube

2x M3 double sided tape

2x (M2*10 cup head nut + M2 anti-loosening nut)


Skye 2 nano. 7 - cuav skye 2 nano - motionew - 19


Skye2 Nano Quick Start Guide – user manual


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