CommuniNet MND-D37 long range 8W wireless transmission system



CommuniNet MND-D37 long range 8W wireless transmission system

CommuniNet MND-D37 is the 8W model from the CommuniNet series datalink and videolink modules. It is a long range LTE-TDDwireless transmission equipment. Operating in Multiple transmission frequencies, having high interference resistance and supporting multiple transmission bandwidth allocations at the same time makes this module a robust and reliable solution in complex environments. The system architecture is flat and easy to operate, no need to download software to configure the device. It has the characteristics of moderate size, large transmission data, low delay, low power consumption and long transmission distance. For medium and long distance audio, video and data transmission needs in complex scenarios.

With less than 150ms transmission delay, in the case of good air-to-ground visibility, the transmission distance is more than 60 km. MND-D37 adopts a J30 aviation connector, having a total of 2x ethernet ports (network ports), 2x SBUS ports, and 4x serial ports.

The device supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint medium and long distance communication, to do power and water pattern inspection, fire emergency security communication, and other scenarios. It is based on LTE-TDD (Long-Term Evolution Time-Division Duplex) and Frequency hopping (FHSS) Spread spectrum mode, performing automatic frequency hopping in specific frequency bands to avoid interference. Data transmission can be encrypted using AES encryption, as well as SNOW
encryption and ZUC encryption. A maximum of 16 nodes per group can be on the network at the same time.


Communinet mnd-d37 Mnd d37. 2 - communinet mnd-d37 - motionew - 5 Mnd d37. 3 - communinet mnd-d37 - motionew - 6 Mnd d37. 4 - communinet mnd-d37 - motionew - 7 Mnd d37. 5 - communinet mnd-d37 - motionew - 8 Mnd d37. 6 - communinet mnd-d37 - motionew - 9 Mnd d37. 7 - communinet mnd-d37 - motionew - 10


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 3 cm


Transmission distance Ground-to-air 60km (Line of Sight)
Service frequency 1.4GHz


Serial port delay ≤ 20ms
Receiving sensitivity 20MHz -99dBm

10MHz -103dBm

5MHz -104dBm

Maximum Nodes Number 16
Channel bandwidth 5MHz/10MHz/20MHz
Modulation method OFDM/QPSK


Weight 257g
Interface type Network port x2

232x2RS422x1 (485×1)


Transmission bandwidth Single node maximum 30Mbps
Transmission delay ≤ 150ms
Start-up time ≤ 10s
Configuration Tool WEB interfaces
Voltage Supply 24V
Maximum Currents 1. 25A
Peak Power 30W
Temperature range Storage: -40°C ~ +85°C

Operating: -20°C ~ +55°C

Size 163.4 x 66.4 x 23.7mm


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Product contents

1 pair of ground and air unit with antenna and cable sets.


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