Airlink microbase station adopts an integrated, all-in-one design. Waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion design, support independent battery power supply, simple assembly, easy to disassemble. Airlink is a TDD bidirectional digital remote wireless small ground station. With wifi, network port, serial port, SBUS and RS422 and other interfaces. Support real-time environment noise detection adaptive stream, automatic frequency selection, automatic retransmission mechanism, automatic antenna selection, automatic power control, manual frequency mode, multiple sets of coexistence and a series of features. Airlink has a transmission power of 8W, and can support a maximum transmission distance of 100KM from air-to-ground under viewable conditions.


• One solution for video, command and control, and telemetry 

• Air-to-ground visibility 60km+ when using omni antennas

• Air-to-ground visibility 100km+ when using directional antennas

• Adaptive channel selection (ACS)

• Real-time interference detection and anti-interference algorithm processing

• Automatic power control (APC)

• Adaptive modulation mode based on Shannon limit (Auto MCS)

• High reliability, good stability, and low delay

• Dual network ports, four serial ports

• IP65 protection


Airlink 8w. 1 - airlink-8w - motionew - 5 Airlink 8w. 2 - airlink-8w - motionew - 6 Airlink 8w. 3 - airlink-8w - motionew - 7 Airlink 8w. 4 - airlink-8w - motionew - 8 Airlink 8w. 5 - airlink-8w - motionew - 9 Airlink 8w. 6 - airlink-8w - motionew - 10 Airlink 8w. 8 - airlink-8w - motionew - 11

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 8 cm


Working frequency 1350~1470MHz
Radio frequency Channel 2T2R
Output power 39dBm (8W)
Transmission distance Air to Ground(LOS)
Channel bandwidth 10MHz
Modulation mode QPSK, 16QAM
Maximum rate 16Mbps@16QAM3/4
Communication encryption AES256
Transmission delay ≤10ms
Interface index
Radio frequency Interface SMA x2
Interface type Lemo line
Device interface Ethernet x1, WIFI x1, TTL/RS232 x2, RS422 x1, SBUS/TTL X1
Electrical specifications
Power consumption ≤ 15W
Level of Protection Ground unit: IP65; Air unit: IP20
Physical specifications
Dimension(L*W*H) 250mm*150mm*34.4mm
Weight Ground unit: 1.5kg; Air unit: 340g
Working voltage DC 22~30V,Typical value :+24V/+28V 
product weight Air unit: 340g, Ground unit: 1.5kg
Working temperature -40~+65℃


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Product contents



Airlink 8w. 7 - airlink-8w - motionew - 12


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