Radiomaster NEXUS Helicopter Flight Controller

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Overview of Radiomaster NEXUS Helicopter Flight Controller

The Radiomaster NEXUS Flybarless (FBL) control unit is meticulously crafted from the ground up, drawing from the Rotorflight 2.0 reference design. Every detail of the NEXUS Helicopter Flight Controller has been engineered and tested for peak performance and compatibility, delivering the best Rotorflight experience available.

Equipped with the advanced STM32F722 MCU and the TDK ICM-42688-P 6-axis MEMS motion tracking device, which integrates a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer, the NEXUS flight controller guarantees precise control and flight dynamics. It also includes a generous 128MB of onboard flash memory for logging all flight data, allowing for detailed fine-tuning and adjustments.

The NEXUS comes standard with a CNC machined aluminum case, which not only looks impressive but also protects the control unit and aids in heat dissipation for the F722 processor.

One of the key advantages of the NEXUS is its compatibility with the RP3-H ExpressLRS receivers product. The Radiomaster solder-free RP3-H ExpressLRS receivers, equipped with a locking connector system, ensures a secure and stable connection between the control unit and the receiver. Additionally, DSM and S.BUS ports are available to support your preferred receiver type. The NEXUS also features multi-function ports to facilitate future expansions.

Radiomaster NEXUS Features

  • The NEXUS Helicopter flight controller is designed from the ground up specifically for Rotorflight 2.0
  • Equipped with an advanced STM32F722 MCU and TDK 6-axis MEMS motion tracking device, which combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer
  • Built-in Black Box: A large 128MB of onboard flash memory ensures you can log all your flights for fine-tuning and adjustment
  • Locking connector system compatible with our Plug’n’Play solder-free RP3-H ExpressLRS receivers, You can rest assured that there will be a stable connection between the control unit and the receiver (RP3-H not included)
  • Features multi-function ports (UART) for future expansion
  • The NEXUS flight controller is compact and rugged. The CNC case not only protects the internal components but acts as a heat sink to help keep the electronics cool
  • The NEXUS measures just 41mm x 25mm and is only 13mm high, making it a perfect fit for any size heli build, including 250/450/500/550/600/700 helicopters
  • The NEXUS flight controller supports a wide range of Tail Motors and Tail ESCs (760μs / 1520μs)
  • A variety of receivers are supported, including CRSF, ELRS, GHOST, S.BUS, SUMD, IBUS, XBUS, EXBUS, PPM, MSP, DSM2, DSMX, and F PORT
  • The device has multiple independent power supplies that minimize noise when reaching 1.8V.  It includes 1.8V for Gyro, 3.3V for the MCU, and 5.0V for the external interface
  • Ultra light-weight and flexible USB-C extender cable is included to help in situations where the USB-C port may not be easy to reach. Made as light as possible because every gram counts and uses flexible silicone wires to prevent vibration transfer to the control unit
  • Rotorflight Rescue functions as a standard
Radiomaster nexus Nexus helicopter. 2 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 8 Nexus helicopter. 3 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 9 Nexus helicopter. 4 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 10 Nexus helicopter. 5 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 11 Nexus helicopter. 6 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 12 Nexus helicopter. 7 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 13 Nexus helicopter. 8 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 14 Nexus helicopter. 9 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 15 Nexus helicopter. 10 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 16Nexus helicopter. 12 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 17
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Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 4 cm



Item NEXUS Heli Flight Controller
Firmware Rotorflight 2.0
Gyro (IMU) ICM-42688-P
Flash Memory (Black Box. IC) 128MB (W25N01GVZEIG)
Barometer SPL06-001
Servo 4 – S1, S2, S3, TAIL
Voltage Supply(DC) 5 – 12.6V
A-B-C Serial Port Power Output 5V – 2.0A
DSM Serial Port Power Output 3.3V – 0.5A
Telemetry S.BUS, HoTT, S.Port, MSP, EDGETX, ELRS
ESC PWM, Oneshot, Multishot, Dshot
Support Tail ESC 760μs/1520μs Servo
Support Tail Motor Yes
Dimensions 41.3 X 25.4 X 13.1mm
Weight 16.8g



Product contents

Package Includes

  • 1 x NEXUS Helicopter Flight Controller
  • 3 x JST-GH 4 Wire pigtail cables
  • 1 x JST-GH to Servo Plug (dupont 3 pin connector)
  • 1 x Ultra light-weight and flexible USB-C extender
  • 1 x Type C extension cable
  • 3 x 3M double-sided mounting tape
  • 2 x Heat shrink tubing


Nexus helicopter. 11 - radiomaster nexus - motionew - 18


Download NEXUS Helicopter Flight Controller User Manual


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