CommuniNet MND-148 long range 8W TDD wireless transmission system

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CommuniNet MND-148 long range 8W Overview

CommuniNet MND-148 is the 8W model from the CommuniNet series datalink drone and video link modules (please take a look at CommuniNet 5W MND-145 and CommuniNet 2W MND-142 if you are interested). It is a long-range TDD wireless transmission equipment. The product has the functions of real-time interference detection, adaptive frequency selection, adaptive stream, automatic retransmission, and automatic power control, which greatly improves the ability of anti-multipath and anti-interference. It has high reliability, good stability, and low delay. This product is suitable for firefighting, inspection, monitoring, and other scenarios. In the case of good air-to-ground visibility, the transmission distance is up to 60 km with omnidirectional antenna (200km customizable), and it can reach to more than 100km using a patch antenna (directional antenna).

The device adopts a J30JZ-25pin aviation connector, and the product interface has a total of 1 power supply, 2 ethernet ports, and 3 serial ports. The serial ports are divided into 1x RS-422 and 2x RS232/TTL.

There are multiple LED light indicators on the device. Power light PWR (green) which is turned on when the device is powered on. SYNC (green) will flash if the air and ground modules are in the out-of-sync state, and it will be steady on after synchronization. There are two indicators for network ports LAN1 and LAN2 which start blinking in case of data transmission between the module and an external accessory. The 3 green lights for the RSSI show the received signal strength. Based on the number of lights that are turned on, the RSSI can be -45dBm, -80dBm, or -95dBm. The greater the number of turned on lights, the greater the signal reception strength.

When the master and slave devices are not synchronized, the PWR indicator of the master and slave devices is steady on, the SYNC indicator is blinking, and the RSSI indicator of the master device is off. The RSSI of the slave device will always be in the search state. After the master/slave synchronization, the SYNC indicator of the master/slave is steady on. The master-slave RSSI LED displays the received signal energy intensity. When the network port is sending or receiving data, the master and slave devices correspond to LAN1, and LAN2 indicator blinks.

Background noise detection is mainly used to detect ambient interference of master and slave equipment. The red line in the web analyzer  represents the bottom noise at the primary end and the blue line represents the bottom noise at the secondary end. The lower the absolute value, the cleaner the floor noise, that is, the smaller the interference source. For example, -100dBm is better than -90dBm. Background noise detection can help users quickly eliminate interference sources around the device after power-on, when the absolute value is large, such as -70dBm. At this time, on behalf of serious interference around the equipment, you can pull the far antenna position or away from the electromagnetic wave equipment on the side of the equipment to see whether the bottom noise has become better.


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 4 cm


Working frequency 1350~1470MHz
Wireless channel
Transmission power 39dBm (8W)
Transmission distance Air-to-ground:

60km+ using omnidirectional antenna(visibility), 200km customizable

100km+ using directional antenna (visibility)

Channel bandwidth 10MHz
Modulation mode QPSK/16QAM
Receiving sensitivity
Speed up to 17Mbps@16QAM3/4
Communication encryption AES256
Transmission delay 10ms
Antenna interface 2x SMA
Interface 2x Network Port, 2x TTL/RS232, RS422, SBUS
Overall power consumption Air Unit ≤ 30W, Ground Unit≤ 12W
Dimension (L*W*H) 153 x 77 x 25mm
Weight 350g
Working voltage DC 22~30V,Typical value: +24V
Working temperature -40℃~+75℃



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Product contents

1 pair of Air and Ground Modules

2x Cable Set

2x 2.5dBi Small fiberglass antenna

Communinet connect mnd 148. 9 - communinet mnd-148 - motionew - 15


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