CUAV Latest Products Launched at World Drone Congress, UAS/UAV Expo 2024 — Shenzhen, China

The 8th World Drone Congress, also known as the Shenzhen UAV expo, is in place from May 24 to May 26. This is a venue for many manufacturers to showcase and launch their newest developments and products. CUAV was one of the many big companies that participated in the venue and not only launched a few new products, but also introduced an upgraded version of some of its old products. Let’s take a look at them.

The first two products, which are the most interesting ones, are kind of an upgrade of CUAV’s old line of products. The first one is CUAV SKYE 2 Nano, which is the next generation of CUAV SKYE heated pitot airspeed sensor. It is based on DroneCAN protocol. It uses DLVR airspeed sensor which uses dual-wafer technology. DLVR airspeed sensors are the highest precision, lowest temperature drift sensors currently supported in ArduPilot. They are mini digital output pressure sensors that use All Sensors’ CoBeam2 TM Technology to reduce package stress susceptibility and improve overall long-term stability. 

To get an idea of the reduced size of the SKYE 2 Nano, you can look at it side by side with the old CUAV SKYE model.

Cuav skye 2 nano - motionew - 1
Cuav skye - motionew - 2

Here are the technical specifications of the CUAV SKYE2 Nano:

airspeed measurement0-226.8km/h
Compatible controllerArduPilot/PX4
Operating Voltage4.75-5.3V
Operating temperature-20 to 85℃
Shell material15g

With Flange: 28×16.5x32mm

Without Flange: 23×16.5x32mm

The next interesting product is the new small-size autopilot, CUAV 7-Nano Autopilot. CUAV used to produce a smaller size of its flagship autopilots, like CUAV V5 Nano being the smaller size version of the CUAV V5+. Now you can say that CUAV 7-Nano autopilot is the smaller version of the X7+ autopilot. It is Ultra small, as small as size of a coin, with rich interfaces. It has side flanges for easy installation. It uses a STM32H753 processor, and dual industrial-grade IMUs are integrated for redundancy. It has interfaces for communication with onboard companion computers.

Cuav 7 nano 6 - motionew - 3
Cuav 7 nano 1 - motionew - 4
Cuav 7 nano 2 - motionew - 5
Cuav 7 nano 2 - motionew - 5

The next new product is CUAV H-PMU which is a High Voltage Power Management Unit. It supports up to 100v high voltage input and has a maximum instantaneous current detection of 500A. It has a non-contact bus current measurement technology. The output is configurable using software and supports 24v/12v @ 15A and 8.2v/7.4v @ 20A voltage outputs. There are 6 XT90 output interfaces with quick installation without need to weld the wires.

H pmu - motionew - 7

Last but not least introduced product is CUAV C-Compass, which is a high precision compass based on the RM3100 magnetic sensor. Having a built-in STM32F4 processor, it is compatible with APM/PX4 platforms and can provide a robust performance in various environments. It is a professional-grade magnetic sensor and reduces the magnetic interferences from external sources such as motor coils and metal parts. It uses DroneCAN protocol, which is robust over long distances. The main benefit is that it also reduces the number of occupied interfaces as it performs as a single bus that all other accessories that support CAN protocols can be connected to it. 

C compass - motionew - 8

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Stay tuned for more pictures from Shenzhen expo.