ZIR25T Gimbal Camera with 25mm Thermal Sensor

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ZIR25T Gimbal Camera Overview

ZIR25T Gimbal Camera with 25mm Thermal Sensor is a 3-axis High-precision FOC gimbal, the cutting-edge solution for thermal imaging and precise gimbal control. The ZIR25T is equipped with a powerful thermal sensor featuring a 25mm lens and supporting 640×480 detector pixels, along with up to 4x digital zoom capabilities. This advanced gimbal system allows for seamless control in three directions: YAW, ROLL, and PITCH.

Thermal Sensor

At the heart of the ZIR25T lies a robust 25mm thermal sensor, a French ULIX high-precision uncooled long-wave thermal image sensor. This sensor enables the recording and transmission of thermal images, offering unparalleled insights into various scenarios. By highlighting subtle temperature differences, the ULIX thermal sensors unveil details imperceptible to the naked eye, such as detecting equipment or building damage, locating lost individuals, and much more.

Communication Interfaces

The ZIR25T provides flexibility with multiple output options, including HDMI, Ethernet/IP, and SDI outputs. HDMI and SDI outputs deliver 1080p resolution, while the Ethernet output defaults to 720p resolution for streaming purposes, with recording capabilities available at 1080p resolution. Additionally, IP and SDI output versions support continuous 360° panning, enhancing situational awareness.

For effortless control, the ZIR25T offers various control methods. The default options include PWM and Serial port TTL control, with SBUS available as an optional feature. Moreover, the IP output version supports TCP control via an Ethernet cable, providing seamless integration into existing systems. Utilizing the Viewpro software Viewlink, users can easily manage IP output, TTL control, and TCP control, streamlining operations for optimal performance.

Enhancing Compatibility and Ease of Use with Quick-Release Connector

To enhance compatibility and ease of use, the ZIR25T is designed to seamlessly integrate with the quick-release connector. This optional accessory ensures straightforward assembly and plug-and-play functionality, empowering users to maximize the potential of their thermal imaging and gimbal control system.

Unmatched Precision: The Advanced Capabilities of  Thermal Imaging and Gimbal Control System

In summary, the ZIR25T offers unmatched capabilities in thermal imaging and gimbal control. With its powerful thermal sensor, versatile output options, and intuitive control methods, The ZIR25T is the ideal solution for applications requiring precision, reliability, and advanced situational awareness, making it a valuable asset for fixed wing drone with gimbal camera operations.

Zir25t gimbal camera with 25mm thermal sensor Powerful 25mm lens of zir25t Multiple output interfaces of zir25t Multiple control interfaces of zir25t Control box signal interfaces of zir25t Communication interfaces of zir25t Applications of zir25t Zir25t dimensions standard and quickport version

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 21 cm

Standard, Quick Release


Hardware Parameter
Working voltage 12V ~ 16V
Input voltage 3S ~ 4S
Dynamic current 500mA @ 12V
Idle current 400mA @ 12V
Power consumption ≤ 3.85W
Working environment temp. -20℃ ~ +50℃
Output  micro HDMI(HD output 1080P 60fps) / IP
Local-storage SD card (Up to 128G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Control method PWM  / TTL / S.BUS / TCP



Gimbal Spec
Pitch/Tilt ±90°
Roll ±85°
Yaw/Pan ±145°/360°*N(IP output version)
Vibration angle Pitch/Roll: ±0.01°, Yaw:±0.01°
One-key to center



Thermal Imager Spec
Lens size 25mm
Horizontal FOV 24.6°
Vertical FOV 18.5°
Diagonal FOV 30.4°
Detective Distance (Man: 1.8×0.5m) 735meters
Recognize Distance (Man: 1.8×0.5m) 184 meters
Verified Distance (Man: 1.8×0.5m) 92 meters
Detective Distance (Car: 4.2×1.8m) 2255 meters
Recognize Distance (Car: 4.2×1.8m) 564 meters
Verified Distance (Car: 4.2×1.8m) 282 meters
Working mode Uncooled long wave (8μm~14μm) thermal imager
Detector pixel 640*480
Pixel size 17μm
Focusing method Athermal prime lens
Emissivity correction 0.01~1
NETD ≤50mK (@25℃)
MRTD ≤650mK (@characteristic frequency)
Image enhancement Auto adjust image brightness and contrast ratio
Color palette White, iron red, pseudo color
Auto Non-uniform correction Yes (no shutter)
Digital zoom 1x ~ 4x
Sync correct time Yes
Thermometry type Temperature bar (psudo color display) max temp,
min temp, FOV center temp (Optional)
Temperature warning 0℃~100℃



Packing Information
N.W. 410g
Product meas. 80x114x123mm

Product contents

1 set of ZIR25T gimbal


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