MGT30A Gimbal Camera, Optical Zoom EO with Dual Thermal Sensor and Laser range finder

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MGT30A Gimbal Camera Overview

The MGT30A gimbal camera features multiple sensors and a three-axis gimbal stabilization, making it suitable for applications that require a drone with both a camera and gimbal. It integrates an EO sensor with 270x hybrid zoom (30x HD optical zoom), two 640×512 thermal imagers with 9.1mm and 35mm focal lengths, and an 1800m laser range finder. The camera adopts a compact design and boasts high stability, high integration, and low power consumption. The visible light camera utilizes a wide dynamic sensor with a 2MP resolution.

Thermal Sensor of MGT30A Gimbal Camera

A vanadium oxide sensor is used as the thermal sensor with 640×512 resolution with a built-in baffle. A 1800m high precision laser range finder completes the other three sensors. The gimbal supports picture-in-picture display of video from dual channels. Different interfaces including ETHERNET, S.BUS, and UART are integrated to directly control the gimbal and camera.

The MGT30A gimbal camera also supports recording simultaneously from dual channels on the local TF storage, as well as network file reading and writing operations. The thermal picture allows for pseudo-color switching.


Mgt30a gimbal camera Specifications of mgt30a gimbal camera Lens of mgt30a gimbal camera Mgt30a gimbal camera eo basic parameters Mgt30a gimbal camera laser rangefinder Dual thermal imaging of mgt30a gimbal camera Mgt30a gimbal camera display Pip of mgt30 gimbal camera (picture-in-picture) Angle action range yaw, roll, pitch of mgt30a gimbal camera Mgt30 gimbal camera series product mgt30a, mgt30b, mgt30c Mgt30a gimbal camera dimensions

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Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 21 cm

Standard, Quick Release


Hardware Parameters
Voltage DC 12~26.2V
Power Consumption 10W Dynamic
Roll angle range -45~+45°
Pitch angle range  -30~+120°
Yaw angle action range -280~+280°
Pitch and Roll direction angular jitter ±0.02°
Amount of horizontal angular jitter ±0.03°
One-click return to center function One click automatic quick return to the initial potion lock/follow mode
Adjustable Gimbal Speed speed mode and the multiple of the visible light camera
Control mode IP, S.BUS, serial port control (optional PWM control)




Optical Zoom EO Sensor
Sensor 1/2.8 inch 2 megapixel wide dynamic CMDS SENSOR
Optical zoom 30x HD optical zoom camera, f=4.5~135 mm±5%
Focus time Real-time fast focusing function, focusing time<1S
Video Output Network RTSP 1080P stream, local TF 1080Pstorage
Field of View (FoV) D: Wide 67.8°±5% Tele 2.77°±5%

H: Wide 59.8°±5% Tele 2.34°±5%

V: Wide 40.5°±5% Tele 1.48°±5%

Support mode 1080P 30fps




Laser Ranging
Infrared Wavelength 905nm (class I Safety laser)
measuring range 5m~1800m
Accuracy/resolution Accurancy 400m innerside≤±1m

400m outside, ±0.4%

resolution 0.1m




Thermal Imagery
resolution 640*512 pixel
Pixel spacing 12μm
Types Uncooled focal plane microbolometer
wavelength coverage 8~14μm
heat sensitivity(NETD) [email protected]
Contrast, pseudo-color Adjustable, multiple pseudo-color modes
Angle of view 9.1mm lens: FOV:45.8°x37.3°

35mm lens: FOV:12.52°x10.03°

Measuring function Support global temperature measurement, optional full pixel 




Other Parameters
Device Size ϕ: 200mm, H:195mm
work environment -20°C to +55°C / 20% to 80% RH
Storage environment -30°C to +60°C / 20% to 95% RH
Main Application Drone aerial photography
Weights 1150±20g

Product contents

1 set of MGT30A gimbal


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