SIYI AI tracking module

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SIYI AI tracking module Overview

SIYI AI tracking module is an external tracking module that can be used to identify and track different types of subjects including Humans, Vehicles, and Boats. With a LAN input interface, you can feed videos from any source including gimbal cameras, surveillance IP cameras, and any other type of video source that is streamed on over IP.

It has 4TOPS computing power, and supports different features such as Locking Target, Auto Zooming on Target, and Auto Centering Target in Image. This module seamlessly integrates with a Gimbal Drone.

Siyi ai tracking module Specifications of siyi ai tracking module Siyi ai tracking module 4t computing power Multi target monitoring of siyi ai tracking module Gimbal camera collaborative of siyi ai tracking module Communication interfaces of siyi ai tracking module Siyi ai tracking module typical connection diagram Siyi ai tracking module dimensions and weight

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm


Recognizable Object Types Human, Vehicle (Car, Truck, Bus), Boat
Power Consumption Average: 8 W
Video Stream CompatibleCodec Format H.264/H.265
Recognizing/Locking Target Accuracy 95%
Product Dimensions 43.4 x 45.1 x 26.5 mm
Computing Power 4Tops @ INT8
Power Input 12.6~25.2V(3S~6S)
Dynamic Target Gimbal Camera Collaboration Locking Target
Auto Zooming on Target
Auto Centering Target in lmage
Working Temperature -10°C~50°C
Product Weight 60g

Product contents

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