Q30TIRM-15100 Gimbal Camera for Drone

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Introductions Q30TIRM-15100

Introducing the Q30TIRM-15100 gimbal camera, an elite gimbal system meticulously designed for high-precision imaging and advanced tracking capabilities, catering to a wide range of professional applications. At its core lies a 1/1.8 Type STARVIS CMOS image sensor, celebrated for its exceptional sensitivity and low-light performance, paired with a 30x optical zoom lens with a focal range of 6.5mm to 162.5mm. This powerful combination allows for detailed and crisp imagery with a total pixel count of 4.17 megapixels.

Gimbal Camera AI object detection and Tracking  Video


High Resolution Thermal Sensor Optical Zoom

Q30TIRM-15100 gimbal camera stands out with its multi-sensor functionality having a high-resolution thermal sensor,  thermal optical zoom, and long range laser range finder.. The Q30TIRM-15100 also features a thermal sensor with a high resolution of 1280×1024, offering a variable focus length of 15mm to 100mm and a 7x optical zoom. The thermal sensor’s 12-micrometer pixel size and 25Hz refresh rate ensure precise and clear thermal imaging, making it ideal for surveillance, search-and-rescue, and various industrial applications.

Enhanced Versatility with Laser Rangefinder and Object Tracking

Equipped with a laser rangefinder capable of measuring distances from 5 meters to an impressive 10,000 meters, the Q30TIRM-15100 significantly enhances its operational versatility. The object tracking feature ensures reliable and accurate monitoring of moving targets, making it an indispensable tool for security and reconnaissance missions.

Seamless Integration and Ample Storage with Multi-Method Control and High-Capacity SD Support

The Q30TIRM-15100 supports a variety of control methods including PWM, TTL, S.BUS, TCP, and UDP, and offers outputs via micro HDMI and IP, allowing seamless integration with diverse systems. It operates efficiently within a voltage range of 4s to 6s, making it compatible with various power setups. For local storage, the gimbal supports SD cards up to 512GB, providing ample space for high-definition video and data storage.

Weighing 5120 grams and with dimensions of 150mm by 309.6mm by 236mm, the Q30TIRM-15100 is robustly built to withstand demanding conditions while ensuring stable performance.

Superior Imaging, Tracking, and Rangefinding for Professional Applications

Elevate your operational capabilities with the Q30TIRM-15100 gimbal system, delivering unparalleled visual and thermal imaging, reliable object tracking, and precise laser rangefinding. This advanced system is designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional surveillance, industrial inspection, and other critical applications, providing you with the ultimate tool for superior performance and reliability.


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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 30 cm


Image Sensor 1/1.8 Type STARVIS CMOS
Lens 30x optical zoom, f=6.5~162.5mm
Total Pixel 4.17MP
Thermal Sensor 1280*1024, 15~100mm focus length, 7x optical zoom, 12um, 25Hz
Laser Range 5~10000m
Object Tracking Available
Working Voltage 4s~6s
Output micro HDMI / IP
Control Method PWM / TTL / S.BUS / TCP / UDP
Local Storage SD Card up to 512GB
Net Weight 5120g
Dimension 150*309.6*236mm

Product contents

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Please contact us for more information.


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