Eagle Eye MS-3D industrial multi-sensor gimbal, Zoom MWIR (Cooled)



Overview of Eagle Eye MS-3D

Eagle Eye MS-3D industrial gimbal camera adopts a two-axis gyro stabilized platform, has the ability to rotate 360 continuously on yaw, and has a built-in 30x high-definition daylight camera. It is mainly used for airborne ground imaging detection, identification, tracking, etc., and meets the needs of aerial mapping, monitoring, and investigation.

General Specifications

The Eagle Eye MS-3D gimbal is a high-performance, lightweight solution designed for advanced aerial surveillance applications. Weighting in at less than 5.5kg, it operates effectively in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 60℃, ensuring reliable performance in extreme environments. The product is compact in structure, light in weight, mature and reliable, and can be assembled on various types of unmanned aerial vehicles and other aviation carriers, as well as ships and vehicle carriers, so as to meet the requirements of sea and air use, making it an ideal camera gimbal drone solution.

For connectivity, the gimbal features 2x RS422 communication interfaces (TTL optional) and 1x HD-SDI video interface. It is powered by a DC24V supply, with a voltage range of 20V to 28V. The average power consumption is ≤50W, while the peak power consumption reaches ≤200W, ensuring efficient energy use during operations.

The Eagle Eye MS-3D offers robust tracking functions, including target imaging contrast at 5%, motion speed of 30 pixels per frame, min target imaging pixels of 4×3, and anti-occlusion without loss of function.

MWIR Sensor

The embedded zoom MWIR sensor operates within a wavelength range of 3μm to 5μm, with a focal length of 40-200mm/F4.0 and a detector size of 15μm. It provides a field of view (FOV) 13.75°×11°~2.75°×2.2° and a resolution of 640(H)x512(V).

EO Sensor

The EO sensor operates within a wavelength range of 0.4μm to 0.9μm, offering a resolution of 1920(H)x1080(V) and a horizontal FOV of 63.7°~2.3° . The focal length ranges from 4.3-129mm 30X optical zoom, ensuring high-quality visual data capture.

Servo System

The servo system of the Eagle Eye MS-3D allows for 360° continuous pan rotation and a pitch range from +10° to -110°. The line of sight stabilization accuracy is ≤100μrad, with an angular accuracy (1σ) of ≤2mrad. The system supports a maximum angular rotation speed of ≥60°/s for both elevation and pan.

Laser rangefinder

The integrated laser rangefinder has an energy output of 40mj, a ranging distance of 120m to 5km, and an accuracy of 3m, providing precise distance measurements essential for surveillance and targeting applications.

Overall, the Eagle Eye MS-3D gimbal is an advanced, lightweight, and highly reliable solution for various aerial surveillance needs, offering excellent performance and precision in a compact design.


Eagle eye ms-3d (30x triple sensor gimbal camera with full hd cooled mwir sensor) Specifications of eagle eye ms-3d Object tracking of eagle eye ms-3d Communication interfaces of eagle eye ms-3d Eagle eye ms-3d laser rangefinder Applications of eagle eye ms-3d Specifications of eagle eye ms-3d mwir, swir, and nir sensors Eagle eye ms-3d dimensions and weight

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Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 29 cm

Standard, Quick release



Physical and electrical performance parameters
Working temperature
communication interface
2x RS422(TTL optional)
Video 1x HD-SDI 
Power supply 24V
Voltage Range  20V~28V
Power consumption(Average) ≤50W
Power consumption(Peak) ≤200W


Tracking Functions
Pixel deviation update rate 50Hz
Motion speed 30pixel/frame
Min Target imaging pixel 4×3 pixels
Min Target imaging contrast 5%
Anti-occlusion without loss of function


MWIR (Cooled)
Wavelength 3μm-5μm
Focal length 40-200mm/F4.0
Pixel dimension 15μm
NETD 25mK@25°C
Resolution 640(H)x512(V)
FOV 13.75°×11°~2.75°×2.2°
People(target size: 0.5m×1.8m) Detection distance: 3km

Recognization distance: 1km

Vehicle(target size: 3m×6m) Detection distance: 15km

Recognization distance: 6km


EO sensor(Zoom)
Wavelength 0.4μm-0.9μm
Focal Length 4.3mm~129mm 30X optical zoom
Horizontal FOV 63.7°~2.3°
People(target size: 0.5m×1.8m) Detection distance: 6km

Recognization distance: 2km

Vehicle(target size: 3m×6m) Detection distance: 15km

Recognization distance: 6km


Servo System
Rotation limits 360° continuous Pan

Pitch: +10°~-110°

Line of light stabilization accuracy(1σ) ≤100μrad
angular accuracy(1σ) ≤2mrad
Max. angular rotation speed elevation≥60°/s



Laser Rangefinder 
Energy ≥25mJ(40mJ)
Laser Rangefinder Distance 120m~5km
LRF Range Accuracy ≤3m,Output resolution 1m
Ranging Accuracy Rate ≥98%
Ranging Frequency 1Hz/5Hz
Irradiation Property Encoding Mode:Precise Frequency Code
Irradiation Mode
The duration of a single exposure is not less than 20s


Product contents

1x Eagle Eye MS-3D gimbal set with box.


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