Eagle Eye MS-2A industrial multi-sensor gimbal

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Eagle Eye MS-2A :Highly Versatile Industrial-Grade Design

Eagle Eye MS-2A is an industrial-grade gimbal camera drone incorporating multiple sensors in one entity. With a 30x EO zoom camera and one laser rangefinder, you are well-equipped for many aerial missions. The 2-axis gimbal features high stability, accuracy, and sensitivity. The image is very stable even at 30 times optical zoom. This gimbal can be used in public safety, industrial inspection, search, and firefighting.

Advanced Sensor Integration for Enhanced Capability

With built-in algorithms, Eagle Eye MS-2A can detect human motion and other moving objects in front of the camera and track the desired object. This 2-sensor Eagle Eye gimbal is waterproof and has low power consumption. With a 1920×1080 EO sensor resolution, the gimbal can have a 1080p output resolution from the EO sensor. The video can be received on an HD-SDI port at 30 frames per second (30fps). The laser rangefinder can accurately measure the distance to objects in a range of 3m up to 1000m, which is fascinating. It has a ±3m and updates the target position at a 1Hz rate. The laser wavelength is 905nm.

Efficient Object Detection and Tracking of Eagle Eye MS-2A

The gimbal can be controlled using RS-422 protocol, while the TTL option is available upon customer request. This model is a pretty small one with only 810g weight and a size of 120mm (Diameter) x 171mm. The operating temperature range of -20°C~60°C makes it operable in almost any environment.

Eagle eye ms-2a industrial grade gimbal 30x zoom with laser rangefinder Specifications of eagle eye ms-2a Eagle eye ms-2a laser rangefinder Eagle eye ms-2a motion detection and tracking Eagle eye ms-2a laser rangefinder Communication interfaces of eagle eye ms-2a Applications of eagle eye ms-2a Eagle eye ms-2a dimensions and weight

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 25 cm

Standard, Quick release


Visible light zoom camera
Working band
Number of detector pixels
focal distance
4.3 mm ~ 129 mm, optical 30x continuous zoom
Continuous zoom horizontal field of view
video output
laser ranging
operating wavelength
Ranging accuracy
Ranging frequency
Laser ranging distance
Physical and electrical performance parameters
Working temperature
communication interface
1-way RS422
Video interface
1-way HD-SDI
Tracking performance indicators
Pixel deviation update rate
Tracking speed
30 pixels/frame
Minimum target contrast
Minimum target imaging size
4×3 pixels
In the case of rolling, rapid reduction or enlargement of target imaging, it can track without slipping or losing Lost ability
It has the ability to automatically recapture the target after the short-term occlusion of clouds and ground scenes is eliminated

Product contents

1x Eagle Eye MS-2A gimbal set with box



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