Drone Winch Grip for DJI Mavic

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Drone Winch Grip MNW102 and MNW103 Overview

MNW102 and MNW103 are delivery drone winch grips designed to quickly attach to any type of drone such as DJI drones. You can easily fix this drone winch to your drone by the provided zip tie and do the delivery missions. It has a separate remote control which allows the user to use the system with almost any kind of drone including DJI Mavic and Phantom series.

Application areas can be combined with other industry tool modules, such as electric inspection, manipulator, water intake modules, etc. different combinations can apply to public security, fire fighting, power rack, and power inspection, material back and forth transportation, disaster relief, and rescue supplies in isolated areas.

You can use This which drone for the delivery of emergency rescue supplies and delivery of relief materials, especially in some places that are not conducive to vehicles and transportation.
You can see that this winch grip is compatible with almost all kinds of UAV drones such as DJI Camera gimbal drone
Your packages contain a claw that you can attach to your drone, a remote controller that helps you manage during flight, and some quick-release zip ties for adding your winch to your drone.


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If you are interested in winch drones also you can see Drone Winch with 30m Rope. Our Support team is ready to help you if you don’t know which type of winch is suitable for you, for more information you can see the contact us page.



Specifications Value
Model Number MNW102/MNW103
Diameter Open Mode 102mm
Diameter Close Mode 58mm
Material Plastic
Rope Length 1.5m
Color Black

Product contents

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A15712efb12634e12926521363158d6f79 - Drone Winch Grip MNW102 ,Drone Winch Grip MNW103 - MotioNew - 5


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