30x Starlight Gimbal Camera for Drone

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30x Starlight Gimbal Camera for Drone

Revolutionizing Aerial Surveillance with AI and Advanced Sensors

The Starlight Night Vision AI Tracking gimbal camera series is the latest technology that brings artificial intelligence (AI tracking) to the drone industry. It is a drone camera with a 3-axis gimbal that integrates AI tracking and detection algorithms with a 30x optical zoom camera — SONY STARVIS CMOS sensor. Based on the version, A30 has a single sensor , Dual Sensor (H30) with a laser rangefinder, or Triple Sensor (H30T) with a thermal camera. This innovative gimbal drone camera series revolutionizes aerial surveillance and reconnaissance with its advanced tracking capabilities and high-resolution imaging.

A30- Advanced SONY STARVIS CMOS Module with 30x Optical Zoom for Enhanced Observation and Safety

A30 has a SONY STARVIS CMOS module inside, which has 4.17 megapixels, which is combined with 30x advanced optical zoom technology, to increase the observation range, more than enough for a lot of applications in different domains including surveying, monitoring, and so on. 30x optical zoom means the drone can maintain a safe distance from the target in case of a dangerous incident like a fire hazard while capturing enough details of the scene.

Enhanced Capabilities with Laser Rangefinder and High-Resolution Thermal Imaging

In the H30 version, a 1000m laser rangefinder is added to support target distance measurement. Above all, H30T adds a 19mm lens IR thermal sensor with 640×512 resolution. The thermal camera is an uncooled long wave (8μm ~14μm) image sensor, and has a higher resolution of 640×512 pixels compared to its predecessors, with each pixel size of 12μm. It is possible to record and transmit thermal and visible images at the same time in PIP format. There is IR thermal and PIP switch, an IR color palette switch, and thermal digital zoom also available.

Robust Design and Stabilization in All Models

All three models have an aluminum alloy housing to give them a sophisticated look and anti-interference ability, as well as thermal cooling. The 3 axis gimbal camera stabilizes yaw, roll, and pitch. The integrated damping system and gimbal design can significantly reduce mechanical vibration.

Advanced AI Object Detection and Tracking

The best thing about Starlight gimbal cameras is their AI object detection and tracking module, which can detect more than 10 simultaneous cars, humans, and boats automatically. It uses computer vision technology to replace manual decision-making and combines deep learning to extract and classify the targets in the field of view.


30x starlight gimbal camera model a30 - h30t, h30 Compare a30, h30 , h30t 30x optical zoom, 4. 17mp, 1000m laser rangefinder, auto identification and tracking Starlight vision at night a30 h30 & h30t H30t thermal camera Laser rangefinder h30t & h30 Customized ai gimbal camera Structure of gimbal camera Ip54 ip44 ip44 for a30 h30 h30t 3 axis stabilization a30 h30 h30t Communication interfaces of 30x starlight gimbal camera a30 h30 h30t Dimension a30 h30 h30t Package of a30 h30 h30t


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


Hardware Parameter
Working voltage 12V
Input voltage 3S ~ 6S
Output voltage 5V (connect with PWM)
Dynamic current 1400~2000mA @ 12V
Idle current 1400mA @ 12V
Working environment temp. -20 ~ +60
Output micro HDMI(1080P 30fps/60fps) / IP (720p/1080p  25fps/30fps)
Local-storage TF card (Up to 128G, class 10, FAT32 or ex FAT format)
Photo storage format JPG (1920×1080)
Video storage format MP4  (1080P 30fps/60fps)
Control method PWM  / TTL / S.BUS / TCP (IP output)



Gimbal Spec
Mechanical Range Pitch/Tilt:-45°~100°,   Roll: ±75°,    Yaw/Pan: ±300° / ±360° xN (IP output version)
Controllable Range Pitch/Tilt: -40°~90°,   Yaw/Pan: ±290° / ±360°*N (IP output version)
Vibration angle Pitch/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw:±0.02°
One-key to center


Camera spec
Imager Sensor 1/1.8 Type STARVIS CMOS Sensor
Picture quality 4.17MP
Lens optical zoom 30x, f=6.5~162.5mm, F1.6 to F4.8
Digital zoom 12x (max. 432x with StableZoom)
Min object distance 100 mm (Wide end), 1200 mm (Tele end)
Horizontal viewing angle 58.1°(wide end) ~ 2.3°(tele end)
Sync system Internal
Image S/N 50 dB (Weight On)
Min illumination In the case of ICR-Off
(Typical value) 0.009 lx (1/30 sec, 50%, High Sensitivity mode On)
0.09 lx (1/30 sec, 50%, High Sensitivity mode Off)
0.0012 lx (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 50%, High Sensitivity mode On)
0.012 lx (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 50%, High Sensitivity mode Off)
In the case of ICR-On
0.00008 lx (1/30 sec, 50%, High Sensitivity mode On)
0.00063 lx (1/30 sec, 50%, High Sensitivity mode Off)
0.000005 lx (1/4 sec, 1/3 sec, 30%, High Sensitivity mode On)
High Sensitivity mode On/Off off
Recommended illumination 100 lx to 100,000 lx
Gain Auto/Manual (0 to 50.0 dB (0 to 28 step))
Max. Gain Limit (10.7 to 50.0 dB (6 to 28 step))
White balance Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, One Push WB, Manual WB, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Vapor Lamp (Fix/Auto/Outdoor Auto)
Wide Dynamic Range Mode On/Off
Shutter speed 1/1 sec to 1/10000 sec (22 steps)
Backlight compensation Off
Image Stabilizer On/Off/Hold Off
Aperture control 16 steps
Noise Reduction On/Off (level 5 to 1 / Off, 6 steps)
Defog On/Off (low, mid, high)



IR Thermal Imager Spec
Focus Length 19mm
Coating Film DLC
Horizontal FOV 22.9°
Vertical FOV 18.4°
Diagonal FOV 29.0°
Detective Distance (Man: 1.8×0.5m) 792 meters
Recognize Distance (Man: 1.8×0.5m) 198 meters
Verified Distance (Man: 1.8×0.5m) 99 meters
Detective Distance (Car: 4.2×1.8m) 2428 meters
Recognize Distance (Car: 4.2×1.8m) 607 meters
Verified Distance (Car: 4.2×1.8m) 303 meters
Working mode Uncooled VOx long wave (8μm~14μm) thermal imager
Detector pixel 640×512
Pixel size 12μm
Focusing method Athermal prime lens
NETD [email protected] @25
Color palette White hot, black hot, pseudo color
Digital zoom 1x ~ 8x
Sync correct time Yes


EO / IR Camera Object Tracking
Update rate of deviation pixel 30Hz
Output delay of deviation pixel <30ms
Minimum object contrast 5%
Minimum object size 16×16 pixel
Maximum object size 256×256 pixel
Tracking speed <32 pixel/frame
Object memory time 100 frames



IR Laser Rangefinder
Range 5~1500 meters
Accuracy 1m: <400±1        2m: >400±0.4%
Light Beam 905nm pulse laser
Divergent Angle 12 mrad
Laser pulse frequency 0.1–1Hz
Location Resolving Latitude and longitude of target
Rangefinder Target distance measuring


EO Camera AI Recognition Performance
Targets type Car and human (support customization for other targets)
Simultaneous detection quantity ≥ 10 targets
Min contrast ratio 5%
Min target size 5×5 pixel
Car detection rate ≥85%
False alarm rate ≤10%


Packing Information
N.W. 1134g(Viewport Version)
Product meas. 173.5×128.7×198.9mm / 173.5×128.7×204.6mm(Viewport Version)
G.W. 2854g
Package meas. 350x300x250mm

Product contents

1x Gimbal camera (A30, H30, or H30T), screws,  copper cylinders, damping balls, damping boards, 1pc USB to TTL cable / Hight quality plastic box with foam cushion


14 - 30x starlight gimbal camera - motionew - 8


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