CUAV HV_PM Power Module 10-60V Pixhawk

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CUAV HV_PM Power Module 10-60V Pixhawk XT60 Plug For RC Drone FPV Overview

The CUAV HV_PM Power Module 10-60V Pixhawk XT60  is a robust and precise power management solution designed to accommodate high input voltages ranging from 10V to 60V, compatible with 3S to 14S battery configurations. It features enhanced accuracy in both current and voltage detection, boasting a voltage detection accuracy of ±0.1V and a current detection accuracy of ±0.2A. Additionally, it supports a higher power port output current of up to 5A and can detect a maximum current of 60A.

The CUAV HV_PM Power Module 10-60V Pixhawk XT60 offers several key functions designed to enhance the performance and ease of use of flight control systems. It provides a stable 5V voltage output with a maximum current of 5A, ensuring reliable power supply to the flight control unit. The module also detects and outputs the current voltage and system current as analog signals to the flight control, allowing for precise monitoring and management of power usage.

Due to the PIX flight control ADC’s maximum detection voltage of 3.3V, the module supports a maximum current detection of up to 60A. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, providing high accuracy and reliability. The module’s use is straightforward; simply connect the 6P signal line to the flight control POWER connector, and it’s ready to go. This simplicity ensures quick and hassle-free integration into your flight control system.

To set up the HV_PM 10-60V XT60 Power Module with your ground station, follow these steps for optimal configuration and calibration:

Ground Station Settings

Connection: Use a USB or digital connection to link the power module to the ground station.
Initial Setup: Navigate to Initial Setup >> Optional Hardware >> Battery Detector.
Select monitor: 4
Sensor: 0
APM version: 4
Divider ratio: 18
Amperes per volt: 24
Manual Calibration of Voltage:

Since the power module is an analog sensor device, minor differences might occur, necessitating manual calibration for enhanced accuracy. Follow these steps:

Pre-calibration Preparation:
Have a multimeter or BB ring ready for measuring the calibration voltage.
Calibration Steps:
Power Connection: Use battery power and connect the module to the ground station.
Measure Voltage: Use the multimeter or BB ring to measure the current battery voltage.
Input Voltage: In the ground station, set the sensor version to 0. Enter the measured battery voltage into the appropriate input box.
Save Calibration: Click the mouse or press the TAB button to allow the ground station to automatically calculate and save a partial pressure ratio coefficient to the flight control.
Completion: The voltage calibration is complete, and no further current calibration is required.

By following these steps, you ensure that the HV_PM 10-60V XT60 Power Module is accurately configured and calibrated for reliable performance in your flight control system.




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Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 cm


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Product contents

Product contents

1x CUAV HV_PM Power Module


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