Aura Industrial Box 2111 / AI-3.8-2111 / Rugged Hard Case

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Overview of Aura Industrial Box 2111 (AI-3.8-2111)


  • This box is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.
  • As a first aid kit box, an emergency rescue kit is provided.
  • For field / scientific research/explorers to hold the precision instruments away from moisture.
  • Photographers’ best choice for protecting their camera lenses.
  • It is used by the military and the army.
  • Aviation / Navigation’s best storage case to keep the valuable equipment away from moisture and rust.
  • The best tool case to carry for outdoor sports.

Performance Characteristics

  • The waterproofness and crush-proof characteristics of a 5 m free fall experiment
  • The device is water resistant and IP67 waterproof after 30 minutes submerged in water up to 1m deep
  • While the lid is open, the lid is in a self-balanced position
  • As long as the case latches are open, they hold the upright position
  • Decorative fluorescent reflectors clearly visible from 10 meters of distance in the dark
  • Reinforced wall design, rounded corners, and optimized interior capacity.

Optional accessories:

  • Shoulder Strap
  • Decoration Sheet
  • Hygrometer

Optional Function:

    • Metal rib for latch

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Aura Industrial Box IP67 AI-3.8-2111Aura Industrial Box IP67 AI-3.8-2111

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Additional information

Weight 1.85 kg
Dimensions 41.3 × 26 × 15.6 cm


Model Number


External Dimensions (mm)


Net weight

1.85 Kg


Engineer plastic



Internal Dimensions (mm)

380(L)×210(W)×[(110 case depth+ 30 Lid depth)]



Water Resistance




Package Size (mm)



Police, Fire / Emergency, Army, Outdoor, Explorer, Scientific Researcher, Field Photographer

Suitable for

Precision, Instruments, Cameras / camcorders, Rescue Equipment etc.

Aura Industrial Box IP67 AI-3.8-2111

Product contents

1x Aura AI-3.8-2111


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