Ultra Power UP200 DUO Battery Balance Charger

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Ultra Power 200W UP200 DUO charger is an economic, high quality 11-18V DC or 100-240V AC dual balance charger, designed for charging LiPo, LiFe, Lilon, LiHV, NiCd, NiMh, and Pb batteries, which can charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously. UP200 Duo can support power distribution in AC mode, total power 100W (CH1+CH2=100Watt), and in DC mode, works in 2 * 100W. Consult Motionew Online Shop to see the full range of our products. For information on related products, please visit Motionew Power Solutions webpage.


  • Two-channel charge two different kinds of batteries simultaneously
  • 11-18V DC or 100-240V AC dual input voltage
  • Optimized operating software
  • Balancing individual cells for battery discharging
  • Adaptable to various types of lithium batteries
  • Fast and storage mode of lithium battery
  • Cyclic charging/discharging
  • Re-peak mode of NiMH/NiCD battery
  • Data store/load
  • Terminal voltage control (TVC)
  • LiPo battery meter
  • Automatic charging current limit
  • Temperature Threshold (temperature probe is not included)

123 1 - up200 duo - motionew - 5

123 - up200 duo - motionew - 6

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Additional information

Weight 0.784 kg
Dimensions 11 × 15 × 7 cm


Input voltage  AC 100~240V, DC 11.0-18.0V
Charge power 2 * 10W
Charge current 0.1-10.0A
Discharge current 0.1-5.0A
discharge power 2 * 10W
Item Dimensions 105 x 145 x 65 mm
Item Weight 1.73 Pounds
Item num UP200 DUO
Charger EU/US plug optional

Product contents

Product contents


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