TATTU HV Battery 6S 16000mAh, 22.8v 15C

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TATTU HV Battery 6S 15C 22.8V Li-Po pack is one of the first batteries specially made for UAV, with big capacity and high discharge rate of 15C. This high voltage 6S battery has 16000mAh capacity and supports up to 240A current discharge and has only 1880g weight.

High Voltage Li-Po battery (HV Li-Po Battery) stores a higher voltage charge per cell, which results in more energy density power for your UAV. Each cell can be safely charged to 4.35v as opposed to standard 4.2v per cell in normal Li-Po batteries. UAV endurance can be greatly improved up to 25%.

The battery is able to hold and provide the power all big UAVs need. It is stable enough to provide a safe flight for expensive aerial equipment, and secures a long flight time.

Tattu high voltage batteries are suitable for all types of industry drones in different applications including VTOL, cargo transport, mapping, filming and more.


  • High discharge capacity, high energy density.
  • Japanese and Korean Lithium Polymer raw materials.
  • High quality and reliable reliable solutions


TATTU HV Battery


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 195 × 75 × 50 cm

16000mAh, 22000mAh, 27000mAh, 30000mAh


Balancer Connector Type JST-XHR-7P
Brand Tattu
Capacity(mAh) 16000
Balancer Wire Length(mm) 65
Configuration 6S1P
Connector Type AS150+XT150
Discharge Rate (C) 15C
Height 77mm
Length 202mm
Width 59mm
Discharge Current (A) 240A
Net Weight(±20g) 1880g
Voltage (V) 22.8
Wire Gauge 10#
Discharge Wire Length(mm) 150
Capacity Range (mAh) 10000-49999



Product contents

1x TATTU HV Battery 16000mAh


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