DPD-5 Drone Package Drop System

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Product Description of DPD-5 Drone Package Drop System

A five-stage UAV airdrop device developed based on DJI OSDK can be used as a model for this Drop System. Throughout the shell, the main body is composed of aviation aluminum and carbon fiber. DPD-5 Drone Package Drop System is lightweight, designed to carry heavy loads, can be disassembled and assembled rapidly, and can be controlled by OSDK+App, which breaks the control distance. As a result, it is restricted and does not occupy the PTZ interface, the camera works with other cameras at the same time, and is suitable for a wide range of drones.

OSDK+APP Control

This mode ensures the durability of the modules’ operation. The professional application became a part of the drone remote control, so the control distance is no longer restricted, and one person can control them with no problem.

Convenient Physical Buttons

It is possible to quickly finish the quick loading feature after you have completed the link with the drone by using the physical buttons on the front of the module to control the opening and closing of the dispenser claw, with the goal of completing the quick loading process quickly for this drone delivery.

Optimal Design of DPD-5 Drone Package Drop System

It has been foud that, when mounted in the middle of the belly of an aircraft, the best center of gravity is almost perfect, since it does not have much impact on the flight balance of the UAV, which ensures the highest levels of stability and safety the UAV. In addition, the combination of the sliding slot and spring lock buckle ensures fast mounting of the dispenser, as only a push of the spring lock buckle is needed to lock the dispenser on a spin without any problems. This ensures dual protection, safety and reliability after installation. With the spring lock button and a gentle push of the dispenser, it is easy and convenient to remove the dispenser from the container.


Dpd-5 drone package drop system optimal design


Disassembly-free and quick-releaserack design in this DPD-5 drone package drop system

Accurate measurement, accuratedesign fits the M300RTK shell perfectly, and the quick-release rack can be put into the flight case with the drone without disassembly.

The high-precision universal design of the quick-release rack can be used on the same platform as other modules of our company . the material is made aviation aluminum through CNC processing technology and sandblasting and anodizing . it has the advantages of high precision, high strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance

Disassembly-free quick-release rack design of dpd-5 drone package drop system

Application scenario of dpd-5 drone package drop system


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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 21 × 12 cm


Device size 62mm*62mm*92mm
Weight 295g
Interface OSDK
Package size 252mm*217mm*121mm
Power 18w
Voltage type-c inteferface input 5~24V
Control mode OSDK+APP/PWM
Control range Same communication distance as the drone (DJI M300RTK) If use a 3rd party drone, the control range depends on the RC
Mounting Detachable
Hook quanity 5
Payload weight/hook 5kg
Max payload in total 5kg
Load order In order
Drop order In order
Drop function Single point
Working temp45℃-20℃
Extension function Support 3rd party drone (PWM singal)
Support drones DJI M300RTK / 3rd party drone

Product contents

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